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Daddy Daughter Dance 2016

Something we have been looking forward to with GREAT anticipation is the Daddy Daughter Dance that our church hosts every spring. Laura Kate hasn't ever had the opportunity to participate in one before and she was so excited.

She and I went dress shopping and tried on dresses and I let her choose her favorite one! It was really fun and I realized it was the first time she and I had really done the whole trying on dresses in the dressing room thing. It was really special and made me realize even more how much she is growing up right before my very eyes!

The afternoon of the dance, I fixed Laura Kate's hair and let her wear a little bit of makeup. When she and Kyle were finished getting ready, we took pictures.

As they were walking to the car, I heard LK ask to hold the umbrella (because it was raining). Kyle told her that it was the gentleman's job to take care of the lady and to hold the umbrella and keep her dry. I love how he is modeling what it looks like for a man to take care of a lady!

Before the dance, Kyle took LK to her favorite restaurant: Olive Garden. He said that she ordered Spaghetti with Alfredo sauce and he let her order an appetizer too! 

After they left, I didn't plan on feeling so left out! It was like this big moment was happening and I wasn't going to be there for it! Thankfully I had a friend and her son come over whose little girl and husband were also at the dance. We even facetimed in to see the call-outs and the first dance.

Laura Kate's call-out this year said:

Laura Kate Wiley, 7 years old, She loves to read, play American Girl Dolls, and perform. When she grows up she wants to be a missionary. Her favorite thing about her daddy is that he is kind and he loves her.

At the dance they ate dessert and then had the call-outs, where the daddies gave their girls a flower, and then the first dance. The first dance song was JJ Heller's "Boat Song" and the last dance song was Zac Brown's "I'll be your man", with a lot of fun songs in the middle. Kyle's favorite was the Whip Nae Nae.... too bad we don't have pictures or a video of that! LK said her favorite song was "I Gotta Feeling"... ha!

They both came home glowing and said they had the best time!

 (photo cred: Bayleigh Malone)

(photo cred: Bayleigh Malone)

(photo cred: Bayleigh Malone)

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful and precious time! Thank you for sharing, Carrie!