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Dear Shepherd (5 Years)

Dear Shepherd,

How in the world have five years passed so quickly?? You have grown before my eyes into this sweet caring, adventurous, passionate ALMOST KINDERGARTNER!!! I love watching how the Lord is already instilling in you traits that will be with you for the rest of your life. I have so much wonder for you. I wonder what your future holds, what you will be like as a man, who you will marry, what your job will be, where you will go to college, if you will ever ever eat a green bean..... so much wonder! But sweet boy, I'm learning to also hold very little worry. I'm learning to rest my Mommy heart and the future in the hands of the One who made you and who holds your future and numbers your days.

You are doing some wondering yourself. About God, and His ways and His Word. What a joy it is to watch the Lord woo you to Himself.  I love your questions as you try to figure it all out. I continually pray that you will find your own resting place with the Lord where you can dwell whether your brain can logically find a place for everything or not. Your daddy and I beg the Lord daily that He would call you to Himself for great and mighty purposes. That you would love Him, serve Him, and follow Him all the days of your life.

At five years old you:

- still own the color orange (so you think)

- weigh 40lbs, wear size 4T/5T and size 11 shoes

- still take naps about 75% of the time, typically an hour and half in length

- Are an ok night sleeper. You have bad dreams occasionally and your feet hurt with growing pains sometimes. You still sleep about 11 hours a night.

- started playing T-ball. You played Fall Ball last Fall on the Diamondbacks and are now playing Spring Ball for the Yankees.

- Your daddy and your owl still hung the moon in your sky. No one compares. I swear you are going to go off to college with both of them.

- You and your sister have really bonded and grown into a friendship. You love to play together! I love watching this.

- still enjoy playing with Fischer--most of the time--and you still do most everything together

- would love Archer to death if I let you. You love to talk to him and make silly faces with him to make him laugh.

- are passionate about the truth and things being fair. It's a hard lesson to learnt that life isn't fair but you are bound and determined for it to be so.

Shepherd, we love you unconditionally and love exactly how God made you! I can't wait to see you grow for the next years!


For your birthday this year, it was an "on" year, which means a bigger party with friends and extended family, more than just our family. I planned the party for a random Tuesday night because your cousins were in town and I wanted them to be able to come to your birthday party! You wanted a "Bug" party and I had so much fun planning everything! (Special shout out to Aunt Sassy and Aunt Ashley who helped make your cake and helped me get the food ready!) We had really sweet friends who came and wonderful family who came and you were showered with some of your favorite toys ever!! It was a very special birthday!

(Check out all the details from the Bug Party here.)

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