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Easter 2016

I love Easter. It is the most special Holiday and I love having fun ways to celebrate it with my babies and to find new opportunities to talk to them about why we celebrate. 

This year, the boys had fantastic parties at their preschool. They both had a blast! The egg hunts had to be indoors because it was raining. 

Shepherd's teacher did something really neat that I hadn't seen done before. She wrote all of the kids names on the eggs (equal number) and the kids were only allowed to add their eggs to their baskets. It added an extra challenge instead of it just being a free for all. So great for preschoolers!

On Easter morning, all of the kids were so excited. The "Easter Bunny" hid the eggs under the carport and front porch and inside in the play room since it was still raining. The kids had a blast looking for them before we got ready for church.

I love getting my kids a new Easter outfit every year. We don't buy clothes often (we LOVE hand-me-downs!) and we also buy second hand a lot. But for Easter, I really like getting them something new. Also, I really like it when they coordinate and match. Because it was still new and special, LK wore her same dress from the Daddy-Daughter Dance. And then.... I found matching shirts for the boys and BOWTIES!!! Heart. Be. Still.

At church, the kids sang a special song and LK was part of a group of girls that sang the verses, while the boys and the rest of the kids sang the chorus! They did so well and my kids looooved singing.

Our family Easter picture. Of course, Shepherd. Of course, go ahead and lick Archer's shoe. Of course.

For lunch we went to Grandma Dean's house and had a FEAST with Grandpaw, and Dean and her family, and my parents, and Aunt Deb and Uncle Tommy. Grammy had special Easter baskets waiting for the kids and Michele had arranged another fun egg hunt (also indoors) that the kids had a blast searching for.

Such a great day!

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  1. Oh, those precious photos of the children! I'm basking in the glow of cuteness overload right now, Carrie. And I loved the idea the teacher had about writing the name of each child on the egg. With three granddaughters, I may have to do just that in the future.
    Blessings, and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Martha! And I want to try it with my kids at home next year! I think it is such a great idea!