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5 Ways to Celebrate Dad

Father's Day is coming up and I've been brainstorming ways to celebrate my man and the fantastic job he does as a Dad! Also, I'm so thankful to my own Dad and the ways he loved and raised my siblings and I. So blessed to have these men to celebrate!

Here are some budget-friendly ideas to celebrate the Dads in your life:

1. Brag on him

One thing I remember from pre-marital counseling, actually came from my dad, was one of the best ways to encourage a man is to speak well of him TO him, ABOUT him, and IN FRONT OF him.

TO him: tell him to his face how thankful your are for him filling the role of Dad. Tell him how much you love him and tell him the things he does right.

ABOUT him: When he's not around, brag on him to your friends. Speak well of him. Tell other people how thankful you are for him and about the things he does right.

IN FRONT OF him: And when he is around, speak well of him to other people. Brag on him to your friends (or his) when he's standing right there to hear it.

2. Feed him

We've all heard this, right? It's so true! Cook his favorite meal for him! Or cook something you think he might like but you don't make often. Or take him out to dinner, if cooking isn't your thing. Also, bake cookies and cakes and pies (or I guess if he prefers you could cook vegetables or something)!!

3. Give him a break

Think of the things that he does regularly around the house or with the kids or in his life. Is there something you could take off his plate to give him a break for a day or two or three? Offer to take care of the trash for the week or mow the yard for him (Kyle is probably laughing reading this since I have never mowed a lawn in my life... #goals). Just a little something that says to him "I notice how hard you work". If you want to get real crafty and whatnot, make him a little coupon book.

4. Surprise him

I really love surprises, but Kyle doesn't. So I recognize this may not be for everyone. But surprises can be really fun and a great way to celebrate a dad. It could be a full-blown party, or it could be little things that you know he will appreciate. Think through his favorite things, and if he enjoys surprises, think through how you can surprise him!

5. Homemade gifts.

This is my personal favorite thing to give. Because it is so personal. Check out my pinterest board for TONS of ideas for homemade gifts for the men in your life!

Hope this helps as you plan for Father's Day in a few weeks! What are your favorite ways to celebrate the Dads in your life?


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