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Baby Dedication

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to dedicate Archer to the Lord with our church family. It was a really sweet morning because it was also the day that Laura Kate was baptized (I'll post separately about that later).

This is really important for us because it provides us with accountability from our church to raise Archer in the Lord. We are committing to teach him about Jesus and raise him in the truth of the Gospel. This is something we take very seriously!

I'm so glad my parents came to support us. They have been at every one of our kids' dedications even though for the bros they had to travel to be there. It really means a lot that they prioritize it and love our babies this much. 

I don't think I ever blogged about the other kids dedications, but here are pictures from when we dedicated them:

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  1. Just awesome! Nothing better than raising our children in the faith. Blessings, Carrie!