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Farm Field Trips 2016

I have been the BEST field trip Mom this semester! I know, I know... I shouldn't brag, but really. THREE Farm Field trips to THREE different farms with THREE different kids.... I'm a TROOPER, just say it!  Also, an honorary mention for Boo-Boo... he was a trooper too. My favorite part though was getting fun time with each of my babies. 

Fischer - Partridge Plantation

Fischer's class went to Partridge Plantation. This is a small, but very well organized family farm. 

There was a hay ride first for us! 

Then we went to this school bus turned baby animal classroom. We saw baby chicks, a baby goat, and a SQEELY baby pig. Fischer loved holding the chick the best :)

We rotated through different stations seeing the different animals.

These geese are MEAN. MEAN MEAN MEAN. We were advised not to get too close. Poor Fischer has to put up with his mom being a blogger ;)

Look at this big guy!! He kept huffing around trying to attract a female... sadly there was no female around to attract.

The pigs! Fischer was fascinated with them. We learned they are the smartest animal on the farm. Even smarter than horses!

It's a rough life snuggling with Mommy all day!

We went inside the barn to learn about more animals in there. We saw horses and a GIGANTIC COW. Maybe the largest animal I have ever seen in person. 

Look at that guy!! His back almost touches the ceiling!

Our last station was a pony ride! Fischer was brave and loved it!

We finished the trip with a picnic lunch.

Shepherd - Linda's Learning Farm

Shepherd's class went to Linda's Learning Farm. I guess it's a thing here to have field trip farms. All three farms were still working farms but they did a lot of field trips.

We started out learning about the plants and the water pump!

And then we ended up on a hay ride! 

At our next station, we learned about the plains Indians.... and got some war paint. 

 After that we went to the barn where we learned about all of the animals. Shepherd was a little fearful and chose not to pet all of the animals. He for sure did not want to feed the horse. 

Laura Kate - Middleton Farms

The last trip was with LK's class to Middleton farms. This farm was my favorite because I have never been to a dairy farm before. I found it all very interesting!!

We rode the school bus there... always an experience!

When we got there, they had a presentation for us to teach us about the farm. One particular fact I learned is that the cows are milked twice a day... once at noon and once at 1:00am. They can never take a day off, not even for hurricanes or vacations. 

LK's favorite station was feeding the baby calf. 

Getting so tall!

They also had a greenhouse where we learned about different plants. I was amazed at the temperature difference in the green house! SO HOT.

And there was a butter station where the kids took turns shaking the little container to make butter. Then we got to taste it :).

Each kid also got to plant a seed and learn a little bit more about how the plants grow.

We ended the day with a trip to the gift shop and the play ground. 

And a fun time was had by all! 

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