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{Friday Favorites}: Cousins

It's the weekend! Can I get an AMEN? Amen!

Over the past couple weeks, I got to spend time with my siblings and my cousins as we said good-bye to my Grandpaw. My siblings and my cousins are just the best. I love being friends with family and I would absolutely qualify them as friends. 

And the kid cousins? That's pretty special too....

Spending time with my girl is my favorite. I love getting special time with her.... even if it's on a field trip (more detailed post coming about my confessions of a fake field trip mom). 

The weather has been LOVELY here lately. It is a crime to stay inside when it is so pretty outside. For this house, that means lots of bug hunting for my boys. Watching my boys hunt for bugs is my favorite!!

And then this guy? His smile is my favorite!

He discovered the playhouse today and I'm pretty sure he thinks it is his very own house and property. He kept sitting in the doorway looking out on the lawn like he owned it all.

 And finally, homemade mother's day cards and gifts are my FAVORITE!

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  1. Such a lovely family, Carrie! I loved seeing these photos.