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{Friday Favorites} My Man Is Home!!

Yay! It's Friday Again! As usual, I'm linking up with three of my favorite blogs: MomfessionalsLittle Bit of Everything, and Grace and Love blog. Check them out and link up with your favorites! 

Kyle got back on Wednesday from a ten day trip to Thailand. If you're keeping up, you'll remember that the exact same time that 3 of my 4 offspring were really sick for 5 days each! But we survived pretty well in spite of being sick and even managed to have a little fun. I'm so thankful for where the Lord has called our family, and to the vision and mission that Kyle works so fervently towards and I'm happy to do my part of raising these babies and holding down the fort while he's gone! Nothing is as great as when our FAVORITE guy is home though! Boy do we miss him when he is gone! 

Look at my surprise that Kyle brought me from Thailand!!!!! EEEEEEK! It think it is my FAVORITE thing he has ever brought me from a trip.

Also happening this week, I got to watch baby birds finish HATCHING. YALL. We have been watching their little nest in our shed for a couples weeks and anticipated they would hatch soon. This is them mere hours after they hatched SNUGGLING IN THEIR NEST. I die. (Also they are creepy looking when they are first born.. right? But because they are babies we let them pass). 

The night before Kyle got home, I was at the end of my rope. I was tired...just look at the hot mess that is me! My friend Amy bought my dinner for Chinese delivery. Friends who go above and beyond... such treasures! 

Speaking of food.... on Wednesday night we had City Group and my FAVORITE dinner we have eaten since I started with this group last Fall. It was Breakfast for dinner with homemade Cinnamon rolls and biscuits (THANK YOU HALEY!!!!!), yogurt parfaits, breakfast casserole, fruit, gravy to go on the biscuits... It delighted our bellies.

Yesterday these two handsome boys celebrated their last day of school! I'm so proud of how hard they have worked and so thankful for their teachers this year!

Tonks had a bath and a manicure last night. If you aren't familiar with hedgehog care, they need a bath every couple of weeks and to have their nails clipped. Last night for the first time, I cut her nail too short and got the quick and made her bleed ;(. I know it happens sometimes but it still made me sad! It stopped bleeding fairly quickly though, so I though we could have a little picture time! 

I also got her a new toy that she was excited to explore... I think it's her new FAVORITE. 

Also last night was Date Night. DATE NIGHTS ARE MY FAVORITE!!! I wrote a post this week sharing our game plan for date nights. You can read that here: {How We Do} Date Night.

We watched this movie called "Begin Again" and it was so great! I had never even heard of it before, but Kyle had and it was a winner! Best part is that it's on Netflix. It has Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine (with some INTENSE facial hair), and even James Corden (the Carpool Karaoke guy). Movies that Kyle and I both like are my FAVORITE because it's a rare moment! ha! 

I made it to the library this week (overflowing library bags are my FAVORITE) and stocked up on some Summer reads! I decided to start with "An Abundance of Katherines", I'm only a few chapters in but in typical John Green style, I have laughed and I'm intrigued and interested. I already like the characters. This weekend will probably be spent reading whenever I can grab a few minutes! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

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