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{Weekend Recap}: Sick Babies

Laura Kate was sick this past week. And then she decided to share with Shepherd and Archer. Somehow Fischer has escaped unscathed. Regardless, it was a long weekend with lots of snuggles, tv, fever, wimpy appetites, and a Mama going a little stir-crazy. 

I am loving Fischer's drawings lately. He drew me this picture of Mickey Mouse on Friday that delighted my heart. 

On Friday we had frozen pizza and watched The Pirate Fairy. This is our typical set-up for Fridays. I really really look forward to Fridays... I think we all do. It's simple and routine and relaxing and good ole family fun!

Archer boy did not feel good and has been pretty fussy most of the weekend. Baths always make him smile though. 

On Saturday afternoon, we needed to get out a little bit and I needed a couple things at the store. I decided to spoil the kids a little bit with new PJs. They make me feel better when I'm sick and I thought they, along with some new bubble bath, might help the scouts perk up a little bit. They loved them so much, they've worn them all weekend long. 

To pass some time, we Facetimed with Uncle Joel. He is in the thick of Summer Camp planning (ah the glamorous hard work of a Youth Pastor... seriously though, he is one of the busiest, hard working men I know! And the best youth pastor I know. He's seriously amazing) and I think we made his whole day!

I so hoped my babies would be feeling better by Sunday morning. I was really looking forward to church and I hate missing it. But alas, Shepherd woke up around 4am with a spiked fever and then Archer woke up a few hours later, also with more fever. Since we couldn't worship at church, we worshipped at home :). I got out the instruments and turned on the Seeds Family Worship. I knew the kids would have been learning about Ruth and Boaz that morning, so that's what we read about today. Then we drew pictures of Ruth and Boaz in the fields. 

I mean, if that's not the most beautiful picture of Ruth you've ever seen...

As an outing, we went and got Happy Meals. I knew it would make them happy and I seriously needed to get out again. We ate outside to get some fresh air (and avoid messing up the kitchen). 

Even when they are sick, I'm so thankful for these sweet babies of mine. I'm sure hoping tomorrow brings well bodies and normal routine! 

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  1. What a beautiful group, sick or not. Hope they all are better this week!

    1. Thank you!! We are finally turning the corner!!