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{Weekend Recap}: Piano Recital

Our weekend started off on Friday with a dinner out to Steak 'N Shake. We let our kids choose a dinner out for their birthday and this is where the Birthday girl chose. I think she reeeeeaaallly wanted to try their Happy Birthday Milkshake and it did not disappoint. She loved it. 

Archer has a minor obsession with french fries. This is him crying for me. Brother.

 After Dinner, Laura Kate had her first piano recital! She was so nervous but she did so great! Her piece was called The Swan Song and she did beautifully. I made the mistake of wearing Archer, thinking it would help keep him contained. Instead, he was louder and made it much for difficult to video her performance. It's a very bumpy recording but you can see it here (also, I forgot to turn it off... so there's some dead space at the end I didn't want to figure out how to crop off.... video editor I am not):

I ended up having to take Archer outside because he was so loud. It wasn't that he was crying as much as he wanted to clap and sing along. Lovely. The big boys ended up outside with me for a little bit too because playing on the stairs is more interesting than sitting still in a piano recital.

On Saturday, we did some laundry and piddled around the house... I honestly don't remember because I had my mind on ONE THING........ WINGSTOP. Kyle and I had a date night and we drove an hour to the closest Wingstop. Best date ever... two hours of driving time in the car with Kyle's undivided attention and Wingstop for dinner. Seriously. Yes. Just yes.

Before church on Sunday, I snuggled my babies a lot. Fischer and I used to sit and snuggle and take silly face selfies all the time and it had been a while. So I decided we should do that again. 

I have talked before about how we have to be flexible with baby schedules on Sundays. And it is so true with Archer. We are also in that place of him not really being ready to drop the morning nap but getting really close. Most Sundays, I plan on him not getting a morning nap or for sure not a full one. EXCEPT, for the baby wisperers in our church nursery... Yall. These women. They GET Archer. They just GET him. He loves them, and they love him. I went to pick him up on Sunday, and this is what I found. (The cribs were occupied so they just laid him on the changing pad, bless.) 

Also going on this weekend: My friends are in Columbia to bring home their daughter!!! Gotcha day for them is Wednesday and prayers are appreciated for them for smooth logistics! Follow along with their journey here: Meet The Malones

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