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{Friday Favorites}A Special Letter

Hey Yall! Another week down! Another weekend here! Happy Friday! As usual,  I'm linking up with MomfessionalsGrace and Love Blog, and Little Bit of Everything Blog for Friday Favorites! Join Us!

Several weeks ago, after watching Fixer Upper, which just happens to be LK's FAVORITE show, she was talking with Kyle about how much she loooooves the show and how much she loves home design. Kyle suggested that maybe when she is old enough, she could apply to be an intern for a home designer. Well, she decided she was old enough now and wrote  Joanna a letter. We really like to encourage our kids to take initiative and to do crazy fun things and to try for things, so we mailed it for her.... honestly expecting that to be the end of it.

Well, this week, she got a reply! She is through the moon excited about it. She did say "I don't think they could read my handwriting about the summer intern position!" (Kyle explained child labor laws to her). It was so very kind and sweet for them to respond to her and she has been beaming about their card ever since. And I'm only slightly jealous. I mean, it is one of my FAVORITES too :). 

My sister gave me this face mask (she got it at Target!) and I tried it this week and it was awesome! Definitely a new favorite. It smelled like an amazing spa and my skin felt really soft and smooth afterwards... not sticky like some masks. The good news is they are only $1 each and they have a variety of different kinds!

(you're welcome for this picture). 

I started back running this week. I wake up at 10 till 6:00 to be able to go before Kyle leaves for the day and also because it is hot and nasty by 7:00am here. On the off days I have been doing Yoga and really liking how well it helps me with the soreness from running. (I've been doing the Yogamazing videos on YouTube... They are free and free things are my FAVORITE). I do NOT love waking up early, but actually being awake early for the day is great. Also, I'm realizing more and more that even though I'm an extrovert, I still need time by myself and this is a great way to get that. (I wrote a post about our Summer Routine this week... you can check that out here.)

We found a new Summer hangout place! It's a local community park that has a wading pool for kids. It's just perfect for me to be able to take all of my kids and not have to worry about helping them all in the pool. It's shallow enough that Archer could crawl on his hands and knees around the perimeter. The bigger boys loved it too. Swimming is a FAVORITE for me but it also makes me nervous with all four of my kids without Kyle there. This feel like the perfect solution!

Scentsy is my FAVORITE, but I'm running low on bars so I'm putting an order in tonight! Let me know if you want to add to it! Shop here: http://carriewiley.scentsy.us

My two big kids have been at VBS all week and LOVING it. I love VBS! A FAVORITE from my childhood for sure. I mean, how cute are they in their matching shirts?! On Wednesday night, they had family night where they sing all of their fun songs for their families. Kyle and I couldn't go because we host our small group on Wednesdays, but thankfully my dad was able to take them. Their FAVORITE part was riding in Papa's truck and eating snow cones afterwards. 

Meanwhile, I've had a little practice session for what it's going to be like with the two littles while the others two are in school full time. And let me tell you, it is a BIG transition. Especially for Fischer. He's had a really hard time feeling left out (VBS doesn't start at this church till they have completed 4K). I am trying to be strategic to prepare Fischer for the Fall, but he and Shepherd have just done everything together for so long that it's going to be really different. I'm excited to see him spread his own wings a little bit though. 

In the meantime, this precious 5 year old has been having bad dreams. Which is NOT fun. But it has meant extra snuggles for me. And while snuggles from Shepherd are rare with me (he's a HARD CORE daddy's boy), they are my FAVORITE. 

I had a girl's night tonight with some precious friends (somehow, even though we talked about it, we forgot to get a picture of all 5 of us!!). We had a blast. Girl's nights are my FAVORITE. We all enjoyed the chance to put on a little makeup and be kid-free with friends for the night! Thankful for a great husband and teammate who's willing to make that happen for me by keeping the kids. 

Hope you have a happy weekend! 

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