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{How We Do} Family Night

Around the same time that we started having a dedicated Date Night, we also decided that it was important to have a dedicated Family Night. 

Our Family Nights are EASY. The main thing is just having a night set aside for us. Here is what it looks like:

- We eat Pizza. Every Friday night. That may sound crazy to you, but I know my kids like it, it's a FUN food, and it makes one more thing in my life easier. Sometimes we go pick it up, sometimes we buy frozen pizzas (we are all big fans of the party pizzas!) but our favorite is for me to make it from scratch. 

I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe for my dough and it has never failed me, not one time. Here's the recipe in case you want to try it: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/pizza-ree-a/

I also mix together my own sauce by combining the following things in a skillet at medium heat: 1 can tomato sauce, 1 can tomato paste and then some basil, garlic, sugar and salt. I like a sweeter sauce and I think the sugar helps cut the bitterness from the paste some. I typically use about half a tablespoon. (I'm such a good recipe maker, huh? "just throw some things in the pan"ha!) 

- We watch a movie together. Most of the time it's a Disney movie because they are our favorites. Every once in a while LK talks us into an American Girl movie or last week we watched Little Rascals (it's still just as funny and my kids even loved it!). 

We roll the kids sleeping bags out in front of the TV and let them have a pizza picnic. 

- Kyle and I put our phones down. We try and actually watch the movie with the kids. Not playing on our phones or looking at the computer or ipad. We want to really engage with the kids. Fischer attention span often needs some help and LK gets fearful really easily in movies. 

We don't try and over-think it and we try not to be legalistic about it. Sometimes things come up that we can't help. But we do try to be consistent with it and we have been fairly successful with it. I think we all look forward to Fridays and the chance to relax and watch a movie together.

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