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Taking Care of Mama: How 15 Minutes Can Radically Change Your Day

One thing I have found is how common it is to hear Mom's of young kids talk about things like how long it has been since they had a shower or wore make-up. I know we joke a lot about it, but I think the jokes come from a real place of missing the ease of not having to choose between our self-care and our little people's care.

After all my babies have been born, it has taken a WHILE to get into a good groove. It's full-on survival mode for a while. And that's OK. There is so much grace for these seasons. Archer is 18 months old and I am still am just now starting to pull out of survival mode (**I hope**).  After having been in survival mode more often than not in the past 8 years, I have learned a little trick that can help make a difference in my day.

Here's the thing I have found: 15 extra minutes in my day, that I devote to taking care of myself, can make or break my Mommin' (my word for parenting or mothering or mommy-ing) for the day. I feel refreshed after a shower, and even a stroke of mascara and a dab of lip gloss can make me feel more confident in my day. I feel like just those few minutes of doing a little bit of self-care really can make a difference in my day.

What can you do in 15 minutes? Here are some ideas:

- washing your hair
- shaving your legs
- brushing your hair
- changing into fresh clothes
- 10 minute shower + 5 minutes for make-up
- making your bed
- putting on lotion
- use a face mask

On the surface, these things may seem petty or insignificant, but I find I am a better mom when I feel better about myself. And when I really stopped to think about it, it doesn't take that long to do just a few things to feel human again and ready to face my day with my little people. Is there anything specific that helps you feel better that I missed on my list? Leave a comment with more ideas!

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  1. I totally agree. I have showered and put on make up essentially every day since my second baby was born. And that was 6.5 years ago and I now have 4 kids. For me, doing hair can be optional (lots of ponytails and buns), but I shower, put on make up, and real clothes. Makes such a difference in how I feel about myself and my day.

    1. I love this Jennifer... thank you! It's still seems difficult to me to make that time, but it does help so much!!