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My Top 10 Favorite Books

I had this grand idea to write this post about my favorite books, and it turned out to be SO HARD. The truth is, I just really love to read. LOVE to read books with characters who become my friend. And I love to read books that point me to Jesus and help me be a better wife and mom. This list could very well change tomorrow, although it would take a LOT to knock some of these off the list. They aren't really in order other than the first one. (And I guess I should say, the Bible is my favorite book ever. It's my truth and my sword and the book that we as believers live by. I didn't include it on my list, but it's my given. )

1. The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

You might have heard my story with Harry. I used to think they were witchcraft in high school and college and I made my college roomie keep them under her bed. (Sorry Kara! I repent!). That same room mate convinced my sister to read them a few years later and Cassie and I have identical taste in books, so of course I fell hard and I fell fast. They are hands-down my favorite books I have ever read and I typically re-read them once a year or every two years. If you're holding out, now's the time. Do it!

2. The Christy Miller Collection by Robin Jones Gunn

These were the books that taught me to love reading and to be friends with characters. I feel like I grew up with Christy and Katie and learned to love Jesus along side them. Great, wholesome books for teenage girls that stretch into adulthood now!

The Christy Miller Series
The Sierra Jensen Series
Christy & Todd the College Years
The Glenbrook Series
The Katie Weldon Series
Christy & Todd the Married Years

3. The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

This book makes me feel so excited, equipped, and encouraged about the process of making my house a home. Far more than a mere decorating book, Myquillyn Smith (aka the Nester), digs into your heart in this book and helps you explore how you feel about the space where you dwell. Then, on top of that, has awesome, practical tips to create purposeful space. SUCH A GOOD BOOK. If you havn't read this already, you must go get this book right now.

4. For The Love by Jen Hatmaker

What The Nesting Place makes you feel about your home, that's what our girl Jen makes you feel about your heart. SO MUCH FREEDOM to walk in. Never has a book made me laugh more and encourage me more to walk out who God has made me to be as a woman and as a wife and mother. I will re-read this book for years to come.

5. The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

This trilogy sucked me in from the get-go. I was fascinated by the structure and fell in love with Tris and Four. Some of my favorite book friends ever.

It was also really awesome getting to meet Veronica Roth. She is one of two authors on this page who I have met in real life.

6. The O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson

Suspense. Romance. The Gospel. Suck you in book-friends. It's got it all. Dee Henderson is one of my favorites. My copies of this series are worn and faded from my re-reading. This author is an EXPERT at character development. I love the story of this family and I think you will too.

7. Redemption by Mike Wilkerson

This book is one to dig deep deep down in your heart and explore your past events that have shaped you and made you who you are. It's about finding your place inside God's story. It's hard. It's rich. It's exhausting. It's so worth it.

8. Green Sparkly Earrings by Melanie Shankle

This book is such a new read for me that I can't even believe I'm putting it on this list, but I couldn't bear to leave it off. Such a sweet, funny, honest and NEEDED memoir about motherhood. I said in my book review of it that I feel like she crawled inside my head and plagiarized my thoughts. It's that good.

9. Vampire Academy

Judge away. Go ahead. It's ok. Then read them and say sorry and "THANK YOU CARRIE". I love love love these characters. It's so easy to hang out with them in these stories. Seriously loved them.

10. Anne Of Green Gables 

This is my classic. I love all of the books and all of the movies and there will never be another character like Anne (spelled with an 'e'). Now, I love sharing them with my girl, who is cut from the same cloth as Anne.

I can already think of more books I would add to this list, but I'm going to stop because I won't be able to if I'm not careful.What books make your top ten cut?

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  1. Great list of books here, Carrie! You might want to add mine to your summer reading. Check them out at my website: www.gladetrilogy.wix.com/theglade

    1. Awesome! I just read the summaries and I'm intrigued!!