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{Weekend Recap}: Father's Day 2016

On Friday morning, I came back from my run to find the kids at the kitchen playing with their new Matryoska Dolls that they had gotten as a special surprise from Aunt Deb and Uncle Tommy who just returned from Russia. They. Love. Them. These stacking dolls have kept them occupied all weekend long!

After we dropped the big kids off at VBS, Fischer, Archer and I met some friends at the pool! I'm loving these Summer days! 

After swimming, we got to the church a little early to pick up the kids. Also, I had an awesome parenting win and forgot to bring Fischer a change of dry clothes. So he had to walk into the church with a towel wrapped around him to pick up the kids. He was cold and embarrassed.... poor buddy. I didn't make him take a picture (I only just thought about it).

After we got home, (got Fischer dry clothes), and got everyone fed and down for naps, I made a batch of pizza dough for our Pizza and Movie night. I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe and it has never failed me! 

I also make my own sauce. It's super easy... In my skillet I mix 1 large can of tomato paste, 1 can of tomato sauce, 1/8 c. of sugar (it helps cut the bitterness from the paste and also makes the salt saltier), basil, and salt to taste. I let it simmer a little bit while the oven is preheating. 

For our movie this weekend, we watched Dolphin Tale 2. We watched the first one last weekend and fell in the love with the story of Winter the dolphin. Laura Kate has cried multiple times during passionate pleas to go visit Winter. I would insert a sarcastic comment about the drama here, but the truth is that I cried in both movies and would LOVE to go meet Winter and Hope myself. GAH!

On Saturday, we went to dinner at our friend's Tim and Laurie's house. My kids LOVE going to their house to play. We all had an absolute blast. Laurie made pork carnitas and I am getting the recipe from her because it was DIVINE. 

We fed the kids first and then we ate. I love that the coke is front and center here because Laurie and I both love Coca-cola!! (Photo curtesy of LK). 

After dinner, we had a full-on super hero dance party! My kids were delighted and worn out for bed when we got home ;). Win-win.

On Sunday we had the best day celebrating our favorite guy. We woke up early to give him cards and his present and to make breakfast for him. 

After church, Kyle had a meeting at a different church about an upcoming Lifevesting trip, so we went with him and then picked up Church's Chicken for lunch. We all took a good nap and then watched the heartbreaking loss for Tech baseball in the College World Series. We are still hoping they will pull it together for the next game! 

This year for Father's Day for our dad, my siblings and I hacked into his blog and each wrote him an open letter. We know that one of the things he values most in life is words and so that's what we gave him.... and we did it in his own forum. 

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Kyle and I had reschedule our date night this week for Sunday since girl's night was last Thursday. We try not to be legalistic about the exact time we do it, so if something else comes up we just switch nights if possible. (Read more about How We Do Date Night here) Last night Kyle wanted the chance to try out his Father's day gift. We gave him an Himalayan Salt Plate for grilling. It was one of the rare times that I actually managed to surprise him with something new that he hadn't heard of. I had originally seen this at Disney Springs of all places, but found a cheaper price on Amazon. I did some research and even made a Pinterest board for him with recipes and care tips on it (check that out here). Last night we (Ha! "we"... clarification: HE grilled while I provided moral support and my taste buds) grilled steak and shrimp on it, and it was delicious! If you've never tried one or heard of one, I highly recommend it! It provides just a little extra seasoning and juicy-ness! 

It was such a great weekend! This next week I am looking forward to more time at the pool and getting my house in better shape! I have some house projects I'd really like to get to, but require cleaning out the craft closet first... pray for me!


  1. Carrie, I read your letter (and those of your siblings) to your Dad for Father's Day. Just wow! What an awesome tribute to a wonderful father!
    Have a blessed week!

    1. Thank you so much Martha! I have to give credit of the idea to Cassie :). It was fun getting to surprise him!