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{Weekend Recap} Happy 33 to Kyle!!

My weekend started with a lot of this......

This guy is getting into everything! We have started really focusing on him walking this past week. We keep shoes on him most of the day except for sleeping and we make him walk instead of carrying him, even into the store or across the yard. It has made a significant difference. He is taking chunks of steps here and there on his own now. I saw him walk down the hall yesterday!! So proud of him!

On Friday afternoon, I took Shepherd on a special date to the library to pick out some books! He loved it! The librarian told him that he has the best library voice she has ever heard! Of course on the way out he wanted a picture with Spider Man :). 

Friday was National Tea Day and Starbucks had a buy one get one free deal going on so Kyle and I decided to celebrate. I got the Mango Black Tea Lemonade and honestly, it wasn't that great. I wish I had gotten it without the lemon. 

Friday night was a little different that our typical routine this week. My parents hadn't seen the kids in a while and invited us over for Pizza and to let the kids play in the sprinkler and with water balloons! They had a blast! My dad even set up "goals" for them to try and hit with their balloons! Archer walked several time for us across their living room!

After we ate, we headed home to watch the first half of our movie for the week: Dolphin Tale.  (We finished the rest on Saturday morning.) The kids loved it and of course, LK wants to go visit Winter the real dolphin the movie was made after. 

Saturday was my favorite guy's birthday! I woke up early to make him his favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy! You know that's true love for me to wake up early on a Saturday!!

Later that morning, we had another birthday to celebrate! Our friend Davis! The birthday party was at a local Bounce House place specializing in birthday parties! All 6 of us had a blast at the party! It was fun getting to celebrate our friend and the bouncing wasn't half bad either ;). 

EEEEEEeeeeeek! I'm excited to tell you about this next part! On Saturday afternoon we went to visit a future member of the Wiley household.... We have been thinking about getting a new dog for a while now for many reasons: a hunting dog for Kyle and a bigger family dog for me when Kyle is out of town. We came across these sweet babies born last week. Half Lab, half Boykin Spaniel. The mom and dad dogs are both beautiful and we love both of these breeds! It will be a while before we can tell enough of a difference in personality and looks (they all look like this right now!), but I'll keep you posted when we do!  We are looking for a female and already have a name picked out... Gilmore "Gilly" Wiley. 

When we got back to the house after our visit, it was time for some singing and some birthday pie for the birthday boy!! We gave the kids a sliver and regretted it later because they were CRAZY PEOPLE!!! Kyle sure enjoyed it! (The only candle I could find was the 5.... woops! knew I forgot something!)

Kyle said in lieu of a party this year he just wanted Dreamland BBQ with a few friends! So Samantha came over to keep my kids and we headed out for some yummy ribs! I might add that we left while Texas Tech was in the 13th inning trying to hold themselves together to make it to game 3 of the series to determine whether or not they were headed to the College World Series. We checked the score when we got to the restaurant and they won! 

On Sunday morning, we got up and attem for church. Fischer is NOT in a picture taking mood these days. This was about the best I could manage!  

Kyle and I taught the preschoolers this week and our lesson was from 1 Samuel when Samuel listens and obeys God. We had the best craft and made "listening ears" like Samuel! ha!

We came home and ate lunch and took naps and then woke up and watch Tech do this!! Way to play RED RAIDERS!!! Can't wait to watch them kill it in Omaha!

We sure do stand and sing with our guns up in our living room! Strive for honor, evermore! Long Live the Matador!!!!! 

We capped off the night hanging out next door with our friends and laughing way too late into the night! This week we have VBS for the oldest two, another birthday party, pool time and friend time! Sometime in there I hope to clean my house! Hope yall are Summering as hard as we are!! 

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