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{Weekend Recap} Ladies Night

Friday morning I woke up early to run! It's been two weeks of the Couch to 5K program and I'm really proud of myself for waking up early and doing it, even though the waking up early part is not fun. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. I watched a video by famous Olympic swimmer who say the worst part of swimming, the part they HATE is jumping in the pool. Can you believe that? jumping in the pool and they're swimmers. So I kind of attribute the waking up early part to that. Also, I'm sure it would help if I went to bed earlier. Still working on that. 

Friday morning we had some dance parties and jumping on the bed parties. My kids favorite jams right now are: (still) Shake it Off, Roar, and Can't Stop The Feeling! 

Even Archer was getting into to it with his apple.

Friday night, for Family movie night we watched "Wreck it Ralph", Shep's request. It's NOT mine and Kyle's favorite for sure, but the kids love it and our reasons are not because there is anything bad in it, but just because we don't think it's very funny or entertaining. 

I did not sleep well Friday night for some reason and I was TIRED on Saturday. I woke up fairly early and Kyle sent me back to bed for a few more hours. Then I still took a 2 hour afternoon nap. Goodness, I felt behind. That left Kyle to wrangle the babies by himself. 

Kyle and I had a dinner party to go to Saturday night and we took this prom pic before we went! You're welcome for that!

Bayleigh and Justin were in Birmingham a couple weeks ago and stopped into Trader Joe's just to get me my favorite candy! This little blue bag right here is helping me survive the "crazy summer kids" that I have flopping around my house right now. Sanity, covered in chocolate. 

Sunday morning before church. These pictures always crack me up. Fischer is just NOT in a picture taking mood these days so he only looks at the camera for one frame. Shepherd is wearing his "ninja headband", Archer is finally standing and LK is mad at the sun being so bright. 

Sunday night, April hosted a Ladies Night at her house and it was awesome! We ate all the yummy food. Gosh, I could live on snack food. This food would have made Lorelei and Rory proud. 

We played this really fun game with conversation sticks. Everyone draws a stick and has to answer their question. They were anything from "what reality show would you want to be on" to "Favorite them party.." etc... My question was, "What is your favorite Halloween Costume?" I told them all about the time that Kyle and I went to a youth group party as Quail Man and Patty Mayonnaise.  Don't worry, I found a picture of the event!

haha! So awesome! 

This week is going to be awesome! My college roomie is coming to visit and we are getting ready to head to the farm for the 4th! Happy last week of June! 

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