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Fourth of July 2016

We came to the Farm for The Fourth, and had a great weekend! We played, and cleaned out storage sheds, and ate good food, and crafted and FISHED! 

Kyle really loves getting to do outdoor, "farm things" with the kids like fishing. My mom got the kids mini fishing poles as a surprise and they practiced casting and reeling in all weekend. Kyle had to restring the poles a couple times too. 

One thing my Grandpaw had a plethora of was hats! Shepherd adopted this one of his and is still wearing around the house now. 

My mom brought several crafts to help keep the kids busy indoors...which was awesome since it was only a couple degrees short of a million outside. 

Even Archer got to craft! He is really starting to show an interest in coloring lately... such a fun stage!

The kids favorite thing to do at the farm is to go "exploring" in Papa's truck. They never tire of it. We all pile into the back of the truck and my dad drives us down through the pastures seeing our family land, the pond, the cows, and sometimes we drive to the dirt pit and past the cemetery. 

Fischer made a friend :).

Jonah and I like to ride in the cab. Much smoother ride!

My parents brought their silly sprinkler and water balloons and the kids had a water fight! The boys played and played and played! Great way to beat the heat!

Archer thought it was awesome and giggled and splashed! This was him just starting to explore, but by the end of it was just as soaked as the rest of them!

On Sunday night we finally got to go fishing!! My dad, Aunt Deb, Kyle and I took our kids and Jonah and Jackson down the pasture to the pond. Fischer caught the first fish and he was SO. PROUD. Laura Kate whined about wanting to catch a fish almost the whole time till right before we left, she actually caught one. (Side note: we prepped her big time because I was afraid about meltdowns from her about the actual act of killing worms and crickets for the act of killing fish. She actually surprised me with how well she did with that part of it. It ALWAYS helps with her to prep her. My other kids are different). Shepherd was the most patient fisherman. He had the best attitude the whole time and I was so sad that his patience was not rewarded with a fish. Maybe next time. 

I had grand plans for a cute 4th photo shoot and no one really wanted to comply with my wishes. Here's the best we could come up with:

We also had a few hard things happen over the weekend. My parents had to put one of their dogs down over the weekend, which was especially hard on my mom and LK was pretty upset about it to. Also, my mom sprained BOTH of her ankles, bless it. She was so looking forward to the weekend and that was a pretty frustrating way to end it for her. Thankfully, two weeks later, she is finally feeling better from the injury. 

Overall, we had a great time getting out of town for the weekend and celebrating our freedom with our family. I love making memories with my kids at the farm and I know how pleased my Grandpaw would be about it too. It is SO SPECIAL to me to get to share this part of my heritage with the people I love the most. 

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  1. Oh, what fun! I did see on FB where your Mom had her injuries. Glad she's better now!