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Safety Questions To Ask When Your Child Gets Home

As our kids get older, there are more opportunities for them to be away from us. Whether it be birthday parties, school, playdates, or even the church nursery, there are inevitably going to be times that they are not under our direct supervision. We've come up with a list of questions that we conversationally ask our children whenever they get home.

I think it's important to note that we don't grill our kids. I try to make this as conversational and normal at pickup as possible. I don't ask all of these, but I do ask a few of them to get a feel for the situation. I don't ask these questions in front of other people. For example, if LK goes to Brenda's birthday party, I'm not going to put her in the position of having to be polite in front of Brenda's mom. I will wait till we are in the car or we get home.

I also think it's important to ask these questions in lots of different circumstances, even the ones we know are safe,so that if the time comes that something does happen that we need to be aware of, we will be able to pick up on the discrepancies.

- How was it?

- Did you have fun?

- Who all was there?

- Who did you sit by? Talk with?

- What grown ups were there?

- Did you feel safe?

- Did anyone say or do something that made you feel weird?

- Did you get upset about anything?

- Is there anything you'd like to share with Mommy?

- Did anyone ask you to keep a secret?

- Do you want to go back sometime?

Again, I try to make this very conversational and I don't ask all of these. Sometimes an answer to one question might lead into a different question. I want to build a trust with my kids so they know that can share anything with me.

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