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{Weekend Recap} Ice Cream For Dinner

It's been a fun weekend around here!

Laura Kate helped me make the pizza dough on Friday for our dinner and movie night. She loves helping in the kitchen and I am *trying* to let her help me more. It means more time and messes but I know it's important and time with my girl is important too.

After we got the kids in bed, I had a few projects to work on. I had borrowed my mom's embroidery machine and was trying to figure it out. I did manage do get Fischer's name on his new lunch box... by sewing the hoop inside the stitching. Thankfully before I ripped out the stitches and ruined his lunch box, I thought to just unscrew the hoop. It was late, y'all.

We have been working with Archer a lot on his picky eating. I'll probably write a post on it later, but we had an appointment for him with a "feeding clinic" this past week. One of the things they talked to us about was offering a food "play time" for him during his snack times for him to explore new foods and make a mess. They said it's important for him to touch the food and for him to initiate interaction with it.  So we did some of that this weekend!

One thing I've really been working on this Summer with the kids is teaching them how to help with household chores. This weekend LK worked on laundry with me. She can now change over the laundry! woohoo!

Archer loves to help too :).

We had off and on showers all day on Sunday so the kids had the umbrellas out on our way into church. How cute is this sweet girl??

Kyle preached on Sunday at our church and did an awesome job! I'm so thankful for his heart for our church and for teaching God's word!

And finally, I decided to be a fun mom last night and have ice cream for dinner to celebrate #nationalicecreamday. The kids thought it was AWESOME. We definitely had some sugar highs, but we worked it out with a dance party before winding down for bed. They actually still went to sleep fairly quickly. A win-win for all. 

We've got a busy few days ahead as we get ready to head to the beach on Wednesday!! So excited! 

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  1. Ice cream for dinner . . . what a special treat! Have a wonderful time at the beach, Carrie!