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Wiley Home Tour: Bedrooms {Show And Tell Tuesday}

Last year I started a series on a tour of our home! You can see those posts here:

So today, I'm finally showing our bedrooms! I have waited because I still havn't completed some projects and the rooms aren't what I want to them to be yet, but I'm going to show you anyway. 

Laura Kate's Room

LK's room has evolved even since only being here a year. She used to have a queen full sized bed in her room, but it took up so much space and she had no room to play. It was constantly a disaster. A few months ago, my mom found an awesome deal on a 2nd hand bunk bed and got it for her. It has made a huge difference in her room! (It still totally is a disaster most of the time, but at least there are places where she is SUPPOSED to put things now).

I really want to paint the bed white, it's just a beating to take everything down and do it so I havn't yet.

The canvas is the one I painted for her very first nursery....

We all love it so much that we can't bear to not hang it up in her room. 

The bed is so great because it has a ton of drawers and space! I hung a chandelier under it to add some light and to dress up the space a little bit.

Since she was a tiny girl, she has been passionate about having beds for all of her baby dolls. Seriously, she has like 7 baby doll cribs and beds. 

Also, she LOVES and requested to have a world map in her room. Anything to stretch her mind and heart to have a bigger world-view than just our little corner. Also, you might notice the piñata head on her little corner bookshelf. That's because piñatas do not make her happy. She does not get excited about the candy and treats. She is sad that kids beat the piñata with a stick and behead it. This particular head came from Lance's birthday party. She cried big fat real tears and asked if she could keep the head. Bless. 

Shepherd and Fischer's Room

The bros room I try to keep a simple as possible to lessen the amount of things destroyed. These boys are ROUGH and TUMBLE! I normally only keep a small basket of toys in their room because it can lead to utter chaos in no time. I had some more elaborate decor plans that I kind of put on hold until they are a little bit older. We kind of ended up with a fishing theme. I don't hate it. 

That fish right there my daddy caught one day when we were fishing at the pond at the Farm. I was there and experienced the whole ordeal. It was actually a Mama fish but somehow she was named "Big Boy". 

Shepherd's bed is on the left and Fischer's in on the right. I still split them up for nap/rest time. And they do "okay" sharing a room. Shepherd loves it and HATES being alone, while I think Fisch actually functions better by himself. It's not an option and I think it will help having Shep in school this next year. 

Archer's Room

Archer's room is kind of at a stage where it is still a baby nursery but he is getting be so much more of a playing baby that we are starting to transition out of the nursery. I took the rocking chair out and moved it to the playroom. And the kitchen we intended to put in the play house ended up in his room because he loves it SO MUCH! 

Again, I have more projects in the pipe line but I still love his little room! I love his giraffe poster and the subtle animal theme. I wanted to incorporate some arrows (because "Archer") but not overkill. 

This couch used to be in our living room in Texas. We love it because it folds down into a bed so we have a place for guests to stay when they visit!

Kyle and My Room

I love mine and Kyle's bedroom. It's such a safe place and I always breathe a breath of fresh air in here. It's the hardest to keep clean because it's the easiest to shut the door on, but I still love it.

Trees have always been a theme for us in our marriage a family (Read more about that here). I found this Circle Tree at Hobby Lobby and it's perfect for above our bed!  

We decided instead of a traditional bed frame to use pallets instead! It has worked even better than I hoped when I planned for it. It kid of gives the bed a loft feel and it's just different. 

This fireplace frame is my latest treasure from the farm. It was my great grandparents and I love pieces with family history and stories. I havn't figured out what I'm going to do with it yet, but I love it so much! 

Yall, I have got to get better about printing some baby pictures of Archer. Poor fourth kid. Look at that blank spot just waiting and waiting for 19 months for a picture. Sorry bud. One day.....

And then this crazy place. This is all mine.  

It's kind of a hot mess and I love it. This is where I blog and work on Scentsy and Travel Planning. This is where I plan and pray and plan some more. And pray some more. It's my little corner of the world. Welcome friends! 

Today is Show and Tell Tuesday and I'm linking up with the Momfessionals blog for Home Tours! 

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