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Dear High School Carrie {Show And Tell Tuesday}

Dear High School Carrie,

First thing...RELAX. Don't get so worked up about everything. The drama isn't worth it and there's a little girl in your future who will hold a big mirror in front of your face one day with the drama. Take a deep breath and don't worry so much about every little thing. Don't let your emotions rule you. They can sometimes lie to you and it's worth sleeping on before you get so worked up.

Also, right around the corner in college are some awesome, Godly men you are going to date. So it really is ok to just hang out and have fun with your friends in high school without worrying about anything more. You might want to re-think asking that super popular guy to prom... he's going to say no and then you'll feel dumb. Just go have a blast with your friends (since you will anyway).

Those girls you spend all your free time and weekends with? Treasure them. Savor those memories because 15 years later, when you're still friends with them, you'll think back to these times. They are building blocks in your heart for all your friendships to come.

Enjoy your skinny, tiny self! One day you will wish for the days you could shop the 0 rack at 5-7-9!

Hang out with your parents more. They really are pretty great. And don't let the whole family tease you about not knowing how to cook. Make them teach you!

Rest in who God made you to be, and don't try to be anyone else. The sooner you learn that, the more you will enjoy the places He takes you. There are times coming in your future that need that grounding to be in Him and not in the approval of men.

And finally, when that cute bearded boy hugs you and says "Carrie, I'm not moving my face", don't you dare move yours either! That kiss will knock your socks off and loving Kyle Wiley will be your favorite part of life for the next decade(s).


Hot 32 Year Old Carrie

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