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Epic Rio Olympic Party {Summer 2016}

You guys. The Rio Olympics were so fantastic. SO FANTASTIC. I have thoroughly loved every minute and am so sad they are over now. 

We celebrated to the max starting with an Epic Olympic Party for the Opening Ceremonies. Fun Jen came into town just for this event because NO ONE olympics like the two of us. 

We had a blast planning and decorating and cooking. Just like last time, we asked people to bring food from around the world and our friends did not disappoint. 

We set up an extra TV outside so we could have two different places to watch. Overall, compared to previous opening ceremonies, I would give Rio a B-. It just wasn't super exciting and we have all seen much better in the past. It wasn't Sochi but it wasn't Beijing either. The highlight without question was our boy Michael Phelps, the MP, carrying the flag for us. 

The party lived up to the hype! Thanks to everyone who came and brought food! Mark your calendars for the Winter Games in South Korea in 2018! 

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