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Friday Favorites: Olympics, School, and Gilly

Three main favorites to wrap up this week:

1. Gilly.

I'm working on a longer post on her for next week, but one thing is for sure, we are all pretty smitten with her. She loves to play. Also she loves to eat anything and everything. Anything.

The kids adore her and have actually been really helpful with taking her outside to potty and feeding her.

She has the best ears. I call her my little puppy bunny. 

2. We started back to school this week!!! 

It's been such a great start! I adore all 3 of my kids teachers and am so excited about plugging in and being more involved in our school community this year.

3. And finally, my favorite pastime... THE OLYMPICS.

I Olympic so hard yall. I would get the gold if this were a medaling event. 

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  1. No doubt about your love for the Olympics. Lol! Enjoy them while they last!