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Gilly (10 Weeks)

I'm going to be ridiculous and have occasional update posts about Gilly like she is my 5th kid.

At 10 Weeks, Gilly:

- weighs about 17 pounds 

- eats 3 meals of puppy kibble a day

- will eat a treat when offered but doesn't seem too motivated by them


- is in the puppy jumping stage

- isn't as into digging as I feared, but does dig a little

- loves to have her floppy ears rubbed

- loves to play outside

- loves people

- is getting better and better at the leash

- after she wears herself out a little bit (Every hour or so ha!) she loves to snuggle

- is about 50/50 with being house-trained. Half the time she barks to go outside on her own. If we are diligent the rest of the time, then she does really well. 

The kids have done really well with her. They have their moments when she is too jumpy and then they run from her which only encourages her playfulness so we are working on that. 

So far we think she is going to be a great member of our family. (And also, that we need obedience classes STAT!)

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  1. Such a sweet pup, Carrie! I know she will be a great addition to your family.