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{Friday Favorites} Quad Pod

It's been a full week, focused on getting into the swing of things with school in full force! These babies of mine sure make a school uniform look cute! Their happy bright eyes are my favorite!

Fischer requested a hug from Papa so we drove by to see him this week. Papa had fruit snacks ready because those are Fischer's FAVORITE. 

April brought me a piece of cookie cake because "we both have laundry and grocery shopping to do" on a Monday. Friends who live next door and bring me cake are my FAVORITE.

Had a few drive through cokes this week. I'm not ashamed at all. Cokes are my liquid sanity and my favorite.

Archer graduated from physical therapy this week! He is now walking, running, climbing and has met all of the goals and milestones we were working on! He has worked so hard, even though he thought we were just having fun. People who love and help my babies are my FAVORITE, and I'm so thankful for our Physical Therapist who has worked with him this past year.

On Tuesday night, after a long hard dumb day, I got to have a "Quad Pod" with some of my favorite people. A quad pod is... well, it's a long story, maybe I'll tell you some day. But the gist is that semi-regularly, I have a google hangout with 3 of my best friends even though we all live in 4 different places around the country. We have been friends since Jr. High, well since conception for Cassie and I, and I LOVE the chance to catch up with them. (You can read a little bit more about them in this post: My Tribe)

We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm not really sure which it was at this point in the conversation, but there was a lot of laughter.

I think LK, Shepherd, and I are pretty much LOVING having close friends at our school this year. We arrived at the same time and walked in together on Tuesday. It's pretty much our favorite thing.

On Wednesday, my friend Molly texted me and said she had yellow curry and sticky rice for me that she would give me in the carpool line. She knows how I feel about Thai food. I can't even yall. This was my FAVORITE yellow curry I have ever had. And just because. How awesome is this?!

Last night, Kyle and I had a date night OUT to go see the latest Bourne Movie... we loved it! We have watched all of the Bourne movies together (except I didn't watch the Bourne Legacy because what is Bourne without Damon, I ask you???... terrible... that is the answer). Date nights are my favorite and for sure Bourne movies are some of our FAVORITES.

We have a date night every week, but it may not be like what you think. Read more about that here: How We Do Date Night

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