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{Lately Recap}: Busy Babies!

The past few weeks have felt like a whirlwind and I havn't done the best job of blogging lately! So I thought I'd do a big "Lately Recap" instead of the typical "Weekend Recap".

A couple weekends ago, Beth Moore and Living Proof Live Conference was in town. I had wanted to go, but didn't have the money in the budget for a ticket. My mom called me a few days before and told me that the friend she was going with couldn't go to the Saturday portion and said I could go in her place! I was so excited! The event actually started on Friday night, and all day on Friday I just felt prompted to ask God to give me a ticket to go on Friday. So I did. I just prayed that if God wanted me there, that he would provide the ticket for me to go. At 6:15, I was sitting on my couch watching movies and eating pizza with my family. I was wearing my PJs, no makeup, and my hair was 3 days old. I was checking FB on my phone and saw that a friend posted that she had an extra ticket and the first person to comment could have the ticket. EEK! The event started in 45 minutes, but I commented and called and I made it just in time!!! It was such a good conference. The worship was refreshing and there were a couple points that Beth made that really hit home and encouraged me well. Also, it was nice to have time with my sweet Mama!

Ha! I also ran into Courtney and a couple other church friends. This friend always brings a SMILE to my face!!

Everyone was super eager to help clean out Tonks' crate. They still love to play with her. We are having to work on being more diligent with giving her attention lately because we've been so busy and also the puppy takes a lot of our attention these days! But we still love Tonks and she is still the sweetest little hedgie! Archer really wants to touch and hold her, but he is still just so little and we don't want him to get poked, but he gets VERY SAD when we tell him "no touch!". 

Jess and Stephen came over for dinner one night and we introduced them to Settlers of Catan. And guess what?? I ACTUALLY WON FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I am normally not good at strategy games, but I tried something different than I normally do when we play and it WORKED!

Look how much Gilly has grown! Can you see how long she is?? I am amazed she has grown as quickly as she has! Kyle took her to the vet last week for her shots and she predicted she will be 80 POUNDS (!!) when she is full grown. 

These two. This is Caroline. And Shepherd says she is his best friend. She is the cutest thing, she is in a different Kinder class at our school and her sweet family is in our small group. They are the cutest friends!

Archer is obsessed with clothes, and his favorite are the big boys' undies. He likes to steal them from the laundry piles and put them on his head like a hat. Then he runs away really fast so we don't take them off. This particular day, I let him wear them to lunch! haha! 

The mornings here are FINALLY starting to be a little bit more bearable so we've had some good time playing outside. Archer loves to run his trucks around play in the playhouse. 

I just finished a new book series and I really liked it! It's a YA series that is like Harry Potter and Twilight had a baby. It did take me a good bit of the first book before I decided I liked the characters. And you know me, I have to connect with the characters to like the book. BUT, I did in fact, fall in love with them and I think it's a great series to read! If YA fantasy/distpian is your thing, you'll love it! 

Guys. I got a LITTLE behind on my laundry. Just a little bit! eek! I am happy to say that as of this moment, I am caught up. We all know come tomorrow at Breakfast that will no longer be true, but it feels pretty great tonight!

We had an open house night at the kids school. It's a night to check in on their work and hear from the teachers a little bit about how our kids are doing and see some of their work. I have a confession. Open House nights make me SO ANXIOUS. I feel like I have to talk about my kids in a sound bite, there are other parents listening in and I don't want to come across as the crazy lady in the class. So typically I come home feeling like I babbled randomly and WAS the crazy lady. *sigh*. I know it gets better as time passes and we all get to know each other better. (By the way, both of our kids teachers are so great this year and we are all excited to see all that they will learn this year!). 

September 1st finally came around and I busted out my Fall decor, started Gilmore Season1 and have been drinking chai tea and dreaming of cooler weather. I'm so ready for it I could cry. I feel like we still have a few weeks to go for it though. 

Read some of my past Fall posts here:

Oh this tiny baby! Anyone remember her??? I've been extra sad lately about missing my tiny babies and then this picture popped up on my FB memories. Ah I miss those cheeks and those curls!

Speaking of this sweet girl, she and I are both pretty excited that our Red Raiders are back in play. It's just our favorite time of year.

Continuing on with this girl, she got to spend the night with Grammy one night. I copied a post from my mom's FB page because I don't think I could choke the words out myself to type them. I can't even with her. She tries so hard to be sweet in everything she says even if it isn't nice to say! YIKES. 

These babies of mine. Fill my heart with so much joy! We've had a lot of good play time lately and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. 

You know how I said I've been missing my tiny babies lately? Meeting and snuggling this sweet baby did help. While I was holding him, I had to close my eyes and ask Kyle across the room to remind me that God told us we were through and how we knew for sure. 

While I was holding Archer on the couch one day, I remembered how when Fischer was this age we used to take silly face pictures all the time. Archer didn't think it would be near as fun as Fischer did. He was not amused. 

On Thursday I guest-posted on the Let's Be Brave blog for Babywise Friendly Blog Day. I wrote about why we chose and love Babywise. You should check it out here.  

Archer got ahold of my phone and somehow managed to make all of the icons shift to the bottom of the screen. It took some googling, but I figured out how to switch it back to normal. For the record, you just tap the home button twice. Don't actually press the button, just tap it. It will move and up and down that way. 

The Squish has been having a hard time lately. He has really started battling fears and they are triggered at sleep times. Some days, it takes him longer to fall asleep for naps but I still have to wake him up to go get LK and Shep. Bless his little heart, he fell back asleep on the way to the school, so I know he was so tired! 

There aren't a lot of things that are a genuine challenge for LK in school. We have to look for them, but we do because we want her to learn how to work hard. Last year, timed assignments were one of those things. Even for the practice homework, she would have complete meltdowns about the timer. We worked so hard with her to overcome that fear and for her first timed assignment at school, not only did she make a 100, but she did it in under time and without any meltdown or anxiety. She was BEAMING when she told me all about it and showed me her 100. I love to celebrate overcoming fear in any way and was so happy to do that for my girl this weekend! 

It's been a crazy few weeks, but we are finally catching our breath a little bit and rolling along! Bring on more FALL. It's my happiest happy place!

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  1. Wow! You've been one busy lady, Carrie! How do you find all the energy? :)
    Love seeing those pics of the kids. Precious!