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2016 Book Character Parade

One of my favorite events at our kids school is the annual Book Character Parade. I LOVE the encouragement to dress up and be a part of a book.

Laura Kate is my girl. She gets it and she just LOVES to read. We all know this right? So I love her choice in book characters. Last year she chose Anne and this year she chose Fern from Charlotte's Web. I just love these fabulous female characters that she chose.

Shepherd chose Iron Man. Not because we've ever read a book about Iron Man, cause we havn't, but just because he likes Iron Man. But you know what? He's in Kindergarten and our friends had the costume we could borrow, and I found the book at the library, and you know what?? It worked, and he looked so cute!

Before the parade, we got to eat a picnic lunch with our kids, which was really fun!

It was so fun getting to see the kids march in their parade and getting to see all of our friends and their cute characters!  The school arranges for a drumline from one of our local high schools to come play during the parade for some fun beats to march to and the kids always love getting to hear and see them play!

Such a great parade this year! 

See last year's parade pics here: 2015 Fall And Halloween Fun 

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