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{Weekend Recap} Legos and LK's Business edition

This weekend was great. It was such a good time to catch our breath and have some much needed family time.

This sweet girl had a long week and it was really good to just sit with her on the back porch for a few minutes and hear about her day and talk about the weekend.

Speaking of the Sasster, she has started a new business venture. Don't worry, you'll probably be hearing about it soon. But know this, she has "hired" employees (friends next door and little brothers) and they work after school on the front porch. And it's for a great cause. Stay tuned....

There's a little bitty boy who is not happy that he is not big enough to play outside on the front porch. He feels like he is bigger than his britches. Bless it. 

Also, Gilly think she is human and should get to play outside in the front with the big kids too. 

I've been on my weight loss plan for two weeks now and have lost 8lbs! But if you think I'm going to give up Friday Pizza nights, you're joking. So I made some yummy tomato pizzas which is on plan for me. Just sliced some tomatoes, sprayed with olive oil, topped with mozzarella and parmesan and pepperoni.

On Saturday, the kids had a lego marathon. Which I love because I wasn't feeling very well and it kept them occupied while I was puny on the couch.

For Family Worship, LK has been reading our story lately... is she not the cutest? I love hearing her read!

Sunday morning was our week to serve in Children's ministry and I got teach alongside one of my favorites. 

Sunday afternoon was the boys FAVORITE THING... Hair Cuts... if you ever hear screaming coming from my house, check with me first, it's probably just hair cut day. (Insert eye roll emoji here). But look how big this tiny baby looks???? Like a TEN YEAR OLD, right??

Sunday night was Ladies Night at church and we painted pumpkins! One of my favorite activities is painting pumpkins. I pulled an idea off of Pinterest and it actually worked!! I love how it turned out!

It was a fun weekend and I'm so thankful for time with my people. 

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