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The 2016 Fair!

I. Love. The. Fair. I love the food, the games, the food, the colors, the people watching, the fun houses and the food. I was so thankful for the opportunity to go last night! We went early, right when they opened at 4:00, and I'm so glad we did because it got really busy by the time we left, around 8. When we first were there, there weren't any waits or lines and could pretty much walk on anything we wanted. 

In situations like this, it is always so fascinating to watch my kids different personalities come out. 

LK, LOVES roller coasters. She loves the thrill, she loves the fast and the high and the crazy. She got that from her daddy, because Mama loves different things ;). 

Shepherd is our timid one. He does not like rides that go too fast or too high. He gets that from his Mama. Sometimes he needs a little nudge and does awesome, but we have to choose our nudges wisely. His favorite attractions were the fun houses. Ha! He thought they were hilarious! 

Fischer is all about the fun. Also, all about doing anything that Shepherd doesn't want to that could get him more attention. Stinker. At one point he snuck off, yes, you heard that right, snuck off, behind the rides all the way to the other side and WALKED ON A RIDE. BY HIMSELF. After I found him and recovered from the heart attack, he explained that the ride looked too fun to wait. Hold me. 

And then Archer. Best baby in the world. He literally hung out in the stroller the whole time without crying or fussing. So content to take it all in. He occasionally would point to something he liked or would say "wow!" at the lights. Sweetest thing. 

We had such a great family night and made some sweet memories. 

Look who we ran into: Bradley and Kathryn! So glad we live in the same town and can "run into" them now!

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  1. Great photos and great fun! You have the sweetest family, Carrie. :)