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How To Make Babywise Possible With multiple Children

I think this Babywise week has been my favorite yet as the bloggers in the Babywise network have addressed the myths and misconceptions associated with Babywise.

I laughed a little when I read Emily's post because I had such similar experiences with my babies with people telling me it wouldn't work with multiple kids.  I love this post and think you will too!

"Then I got pregnant with my second baby. And SO MANY PEOPLE said "well you can kiss that schedule goodbye with two kids." So I proved them wrong. Baby 2: Babywise Baby 2. Then I got pregnant with my third and again laughter and jokes about scheduling being impossible with a third baby. And here we are. Baby 3: Babywise Baby 3.

I think the reason people assume Babywise scheduling isn't possible with multiple children is because we do tend to "slack" more the more kids we have. You have to! Your life can't revolve around one child because you have more than one child. I'm here to say though that you don't have to veer off course just because you have more than one child under your roof! I'm living proof of it :)"

Be sure and check back every day this week as our bloggers take a closer look at the myths often associated with Babywise!

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