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Halloween 2016

It has been a fun Halloween this year and we have been busy little bees keeping up with all the festivities!

We started celebrating last Thursday with Fischer's class. He had his class party and it was my week to help with the party as the room mom (we have 4 room moms and all divided up the responsibilities). I love our preschool so much. It has been such a blessing for our boys and it really feels like a safe, fun place. Our party was a hit and all of the kids had a blast! Don't believe Fischer's grumpy face in the picture, he had so much fun, he just didn't want to wear his mask for the picture. 

I was able to snap this one in his mask before we left for the day! He loved being spider man but just preferred to wear his own face instead of the mask ;).  

Halloween Day started off with a field trip with Laura Kate's class. We went to a local farm that had a corn maze, hay ride, cow train, petting zoo, really tall slide, playground, pig race, and picnic area. 

I love any individual time I can get with one of my babies so I was so excited about that time with my girl! 

We went to the slide first. LK whined and worried the whole walk there about being scare because it was so tall (and in her defense, it was pretty tall!), but then she ended up being the first one down the hill and she loved it! 

They had a GIANT rocking chair that the whole class climbed into for a picture!

And we did too for a cute pic!

The pig race was hilarious! I've never seen one before. They totally motivate them with treats and food but they kids LOVED IT and cheered and cheered for their favorite. The same pig won both races that we watched!

I have a special place in my heart for corn mazes. I really really love them. When I was in college, we used to go to the corn maze every Fall with friends. It was a HIGHLIGHT of the season for sure so I was really excited to go with my girl. The only downside is that it was SO HOT. Like 90 degrees in the blazing sun. We were melting. But we made our way successfully out of the maze and LK loved it.

The last picture I took before completely melting was LK at the petting zoo. They got to feed the animals and her favorite were the babies (of course). Not pictured was the cow train where I waited on a bench because I didn't want to squeeze into a little cow painted car and spin in the dust! LK loved it though! 

When we got back from the field trip, we headed to Shepherd's class where I helped with a special Halloween snack for his class. I made Jack-o-lantern orange cups and "ghost" cheese sticks and capri suns. I also made treat bags to collect the treats that all the friends brought in to share. It was so fun and this sweet boy loved every minute of it. He also got to wear an out of uniform shirt because I completed a parent survey from the district and got a coupon to wear his own choice, which of course was orange!

We got home from school and started getting ready for the night almost immediately. We've been hosting a neighborhood Halloween party for years now. We love the concept of being in your neighborhood to meet new people and build relationships out in our community as apposed to going to a fall festival at a church. See some of our past parties here:

This year, I went for easy. Kyle didn't want to dress up, so I just went as a Black -eyed Pea... get it??? 

Does the shirt look familiar?? That's because it was my Harry shirt from our Universal Studios trip in 2014! I keep it around and it sure came in handy for this years costume!

The kids wanted to be super heroes this year. Which was so easy thanks to our friends next door who let us borrow their costumes! My mom bought LK's batgirl dress and she was thrilled and feeling so sassy! How cute are these superheroes??

I needed to compare ideas with the Scelci's!! ha!

So so glad that Molly and her family came trick-or-treating with us. The kids were THRILLED to see their friends and I was too ;). 

We had a massive group trick-or-treating which I loved because it felt safer having more adults around. Especially because Shepherd is like a trick-or-treating maniac. He literally wants to just run from house to house to house paying little attention to anything but just getting all the candy he can carry. Maniac. He loves Halloween so much. It is his favorite holiday because: 1. candy 2. costumes 3. he thinks God made the color orange and everything orange just especially for him.

Speaking of candy, they all raked it in. SO. MUCH. CANDY. I took a leaf out of my sister's book and saved a bowl of it to use as rewards over the next few days and put the rest up for stocking stuffer candy, and trust me, we have PLENTY. 

A very busy and fun day! It may take us a year to gear up again! Whew!

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  1. Such great, imaginative costumes (Black-eyed pea!), and fun galore! And you can tell Shepherd that my oldest granddaughter, Virginia, thinks orange is the best color of them all. :)
    Blessings, Carrie!