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Babywise Isn't Imposing A Schedule, It's Learning the Ideal Schedule

Continuing our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week and tackling the myths that are associated with Babywise, Katrina talks today about a few of the major misconceptions of Babywise.

I love how she outlines the differences between Clock Feeding, Child-led Feeding, and Parent Directed Feeding and the differences between all of them. I think people assume that Babywise is the same as Clock Feeding when in fact it IS NOT, and it the Parent Directed Feeding.

Something else she addresses that is a hot button for me is that Babywise will starve your baby, when in fact Babywise says the opposit! Over 27 times in the first Babywise book it tells you to feed your baby if he or she is hungry. If your baby is hungry, you feed them.

Anyway, check out Katrina's post below and enjoy!

I mentioned yesterday, that I was quite shocked to read some of the Babywise "myths" when I first started researching the idea. I first found the concept of Babywise on Pinterest, and I didn't yet know it was called Babywise! I found a pin that was focused on scheduling feedings. I had been researching how often I should expect to feed my baby throughout the day and night. I am one of those Type A people that love to be as prepared as possible for things. While I knew I couldn't possibly know anything exact, I wanted a ballpark number to keep in mind- a goal. When I saw the idea of scheduled feedings, I was fascinated. I know that I personally thrive on schedules and knowing what is expected of me, and that my students also did the same, when I was teaching high school. I had a feeling that babies would also love the idea, and I really wanted to give it a shot. As I researched more and more, I finally found the term Babywise. That's when the research turned negative. Once Babywise is mentioned, there are a lot of myths to sift through. I turned to the book, and to the BabywiseMom blog. I also joined the Babywise Mamas group on Facebook so I could have a support system with other mamas that were using the same concepts. 

Today I'd like to address something that I'm very passionate about: Babywise Isn't Imposing a Schedule, it's Learning the Ideal Schedule. This is a very important idea that often gets lost (unless you've read the book).

Be sure and check back every day this week as our bloggers take a closer look at the myths often associated with Babywise!

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