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How Schedules Keep Us Flexible, Not Rigid

Continuing to de-bunk the  Babywise myths, I love how Shea spells out how a Schedule actually makes you more flexible, and not rigid.

I think this is so important to think through because at first thought it can sound like an oxy-moron. But I happen to whole-heartedly agree with Shea and have seen a very similar experience with all of my babies as well. 

Shea says: 

"When you have your basic day to day living schedule working well for you and baby, baby knows what to expect for his day. There is a sweet, real security created that the baby learns to trust. His body will actually lull at the times where he is used to napping and his metabolism will gear up in times he is used to being fed. This works well for day to day living - but it also benefits greatly when things are a little out of sorts and the schedule is not going as usual. I have found that my baby's cried less when they were tired - even if they were not getting their nap like they were used too - because they knew it would eventually come. Their bodies were not in fight mode because they felt unceratin that they would not get the rest they wanted. This is true for hunger as well. If my child was used to eating prompltly at 11:30 am for lunch, but the trip to the grocery store took 30 minutes longer than anticipated, they were still able to roll with the punches because they had the security to not panic wondering if they would have a full belly again soon."

Be sure and check back every day this week as our bloggers take a closer look at the myths often associated with Babywise!

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