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Scripture Memory 2017 {Free Phone Wallpaper}

One area I feel challenged in this year is scripture memory. I really want to do a better job of hiding God's word in my heart. This isn't an area I've been particularly good at, nor have developed a discipline for for any length of time. I have had a few weeks of it here and there, but never anything consistent.  But I know this is an area that is so important for the life of a believer. The Bible tells us that scripture is our daily bread and that it is profitable for us (2 Timothy 3:16).

I talked to my small group girls at the beginning of the year about tackling it together. Because I always do better with accountability and the extrovert in me loves it when friends join together to tackle goals!

My memory is not so awesome. What's the opposite of a photographic memory? Is it mommy brain?? I feel like it's mommy brain. And trust me, I have to fight against some serious mommy brain!! Somebody say amen and that I'm not the only one!!!

One way I have found to help with fighting the mommy brain is to work with it instead of against it! There are a few ways I do this.

1. I write the verse with a dry erase marker on my mirror.

2. I write it on notecards. Sometimes I tape them throughout my house, I have a spiral notecard holder, or I have even been known to put the notecard in a baggy in the shower.

3. My favorite. I started making wallpaper images for my phone with each week's verse on it. I look at my phone a million times a day, and I think this might help me more than even notecards!

Because I love you and as an added bit of accountability for me to keep on with this, I decided to make a page where I can share them with anyone else who'd like to use it. I'll add to this post each week and you can find the post in the right side-bar.

Feel free to right-click and save them to your own device if you'd like to use them!

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