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Steal and Splurge


I'm linking up today with the Momfessionals blog for show and tell Tuesday talking about Steals and Splurges. Through the years we've had our fair share of both steals and splurges so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. 


I love love LOVE a good deal. Part of it is because I have to. We live on a tight budget, but I've always had the mindset that that doesn't mean we can't have pretty things or things we want. It's a matter of being smart and planning ahead. 

A few of my favorite steals have been:

Kyle's chair

We got Kyle's leather chair at a Goodwill store in McKinney, for TWENTY DOLLARS. This chair is amazing. It's real leather, soft and comfortable. Big. Perfect for Kyle. The reason it was so cheap is because the reclining feature doesn't work on it. But that doesn't bother us at all. The chair is still awesome and a favorite for sure. Twenty dollars, yall. 


I consider our vehicles as much a blessing as they were steals. In the same year, we had to replace both of our cars. We got both of them off of Craig's List and were able to get such great deals and pay cash for them. I love my van so much and feel like it fits my personality and has everything our family needs. I didn't know if I could ever love a car as much as I did my VW bug, but this one comes pretty close!


I love a good deal on clothes and through the years I have found many. If I buy clothes, I shop sales and clearance racks or second hand. Some of my favorites have been a pair of black boots from Plato's Closet for $7 (this was 5 years ago and I still wear them!) or even recently I went shopping with a gift card I got for Christmas where, for $30, I got a new dress, a pair of shoes and a cardigan. (For the record, the cardigan was $2.) 


Like everyone, we have things we have splurged on through the years. This isn't as common as bargain shopping is for us (by a long shot), but there are a few things I have LOVED splurging on!!!!

A few of my favorite splurges have been:

My couch

When we moved, I knew we needed a new couch. I shopped and looked at so many options. I had one picked out at IKEA even that I was planning on. And then I decided to be a big girl and go to Haverty's and just look around. I saw our couch and fell in love with it. It has feathers in the cushions, is the color I love, and one I feel like will last us for years. I came home from shopping and after talking to Kyle, we decided to splurge on it. And I'm so glad we did!

Anniversary Dinners

We have always loved celebrating our Anniversary with a fancy meal. When we still lived in Texas, we had a tradition of eating with some close friends who's anniversary is one day after ours at Texas De Brazil every year. This is not a restaurant we would eat at normally, but it was an occasion we looked forward to every year to dress up and eat a little bit fancy!
Even though we don't live in the same area (or State) as the Browns anymore, we still like to celebrate with a nice meal! 


I know the cat's out of the bag that we love Disney so much. Clearly I do since I decided to become a travel agent and help people plan magical trips to Disney. But  Disney is expensive. It's something that we have to plan for and save for to get to go every few years. The memories we have made with our kids has been priceless and have been absolutely worth the splurge. Not to mention sparking something in me to inspire a whole new career. 

What are some of your favorite steals and splurges??

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