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Weekend Recap: Trampoline Edition

It's been a good weekend with lots of playing with my babies! 

Since the kids got a trampoline for Christmas, I've tried to jump with them some. On Friday, I needed some sunshine and Fischer was happy to oblige! He thought it was hilarious that I would chase him around and play "popcorn" with him. Archer was running around us on the ground (because he would rather jump off the trampoline that be on it) laughing and laughing with us. 

I love having a trampoline. It reminds me so much of my childhood because we practically LIVED on ours. Of course, we didn't have the nets. But it was probably one of my most loved childhood toys... you're welcome for this gem of a picture. This may or may not confirm that LK is related to me. 

I havn't talked about Gilly lately, because "She who shall not be named" has NOT been my favorite lately. The list of things she has chewed up is growing and the barking is continual when she is outside. However, we are actually having a few sweet moments with her lately and this was one of them. 

On Saturday, I rested and re-couped. It has been a long week, good, but long. I had a big wave of quote requests for travel, which is so fun and I'm so excited about finally building up some momentum. But after a long week of staying up working late, I needed a relaxing day! 

After Dinner we went to my parents house for steaks and to play outside because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Also, my Mama made me chocolate oatmeal cookies, my favorite, because she loves me and knew I had had a long week. Love that so much!

After church on Sunday, we went to lunch at Dairy Queen. It was so yummy. Another childhood favorite. 

LK wore this adorable dress I got for her in Mexico!  

The kids were so excited to get their kiddie cone! How cute are they??!!

I've been looking at some ways to connect with LK a little bit more. I found this idea of a Mommy/daughter journal on Pinterest. It's a journal that she and I will write back and forth in. She was so excited when she found it on her pillow tonight!! You can find the original link and printable here: http://mamajenn.com/blog/2010/11/mama-me-journal.html

I'm excited about having the kids home tomorrow for MLK Jr. Day and then on to another week of school and work :). 

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  1. Carrie, I love this idea of the Mama/daughter journal! I will get one for my daughter and granddaughter now that Virginia is learning to write.
    Blessings to you and your lovely family!