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Weekend Recap: LK meets Harry Edition

Our weekend started off by all piling on mine and Kyle's bed and laughing at snap chat together. Is there any better way to start a weekend? And is there anything better than hearing your children laugh hysterically?? No. No there's not. 

This weekend was a huge milestone in our house. Kyle and I have been talking for a while about when LK would be ready to read Harry. For us, it was more than just cognitive ability, but about whether she could handle it emotionally. I wanted her to have a good enough grip on the reality of good and evil before she read Harry because it is such a wonderful world that makes the reader WANT it to be true. So after much thought and discussions with her, we came to the conclusion that we were ready to start reading it together with her! Which is SO FUN to get to share in it with her. I am often jealous of anyone who gets to experience Harry for the first time! We're three chapters in and already she is loving it!

On Saturday we had quite the weather adventure. We woke up to bad weather and tornado warnings and just as I had gotten Archer down for the night, another warning hit. So we piled into the kids bathroom (which is the only room in our house with no outside walls) and turned on a show on the ipad. The boys thought it was an adventure. LK was a nervous wreck and was flipping out the whole time. Thankfully it was a false alarm and after one "Goldie and Bear" we were able to get everyone back to bed. Fun times. 

At church yesterday, Kyle had the opportunity to preach! He taught the 3rd sermon in our series on "Covenant", specifically addressing spiritual disciplines. He did such a great job of making the point that our purpose for practicing spiritual disciplines is to stir our affections for Christ, not just check something off a list. So good!

We started our weekend with laughter and we ended with it too. The kids favorite show right now is America's Funniest Home Videos. I guess you could call it our "Family Show" right now. The kids think it is absolutely hilarious (which it totally is). Such a great way to end the weekend. 

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  1. A weekend full of laughter, adventure, and of course, a memorable sermon by Kyle. Who could ask for more?
    Blessings, Carrie!