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5 Tips For Successful Outings With Your Kids

(This post originally appeared here on Team Cartwright as part of a Babywise Friendly Blog Network Day).

After each of my babies have been born, I have had to re-learn systems that work well with running errands with my babies in tow. Be it grocery shopping, or other various errands, outings WITHOUT your kids is like a vacation. Outings WITH your kids is, well, NOT a vacation.

Here are some tips I’ve gathered along the way:

1. Make a plan

Before you leave your house, think through your errands ahead of time. Plan the best time of day to go (if possible) for your daily schedule. Think through possible deterrents or problems and try to decide how you will handle them.

2. Make Lists

Having a grocery list significantly helps my shopping experience. If you are running multiple errands, make a list of each store and what you need from each. Bring a pen with you to cross off your lists.

3. Set realistic expectations

Honestly evaluate yourself and know your sanity limitations. Don’t expect to conquer the whole world in a shopping trip. Set your priorities on your list to match what you know you are capable of doing and save the other things for a time when you can go without kids. 

4. Communicate

Once your kids are old enough (which is probably sooner than you think), talk to them about what you expect from them. Remind them how you expect them to act, and make suggestions for how they can help you make this a successful trip.

5. Involve your kids

Grocery shopping? Assign a kid to cross items off your list for you. Talk to them about what you plan on making that week for dinner as you gather ingredients. Have them practice counting items in the basket or even practice reading the boxes in your cart.  

Hopefully these tips will help you as your embark on your outings with your kids!

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