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Weekend Recap: Blue Door Edition

On Friday we did our usual: Pizza and Movie night. As I was making the pizzas, I couldn't help but think about how much I have started to appreciate this weekly routine and tradition. It's such a nice start to the weekend and a chance to have a breather after long weeks.

This weekend we had planned to work in our yard and our front porch. The weather was supposed to be perfect and Kyle and I had made the necessary preparations for it. It turned out to be about 10 degrees colder than we anticipated, so a bit chilly, but we decided to go ahead anyway.

Kyle and I both raked the yard, we had the kids pick up sticks and hold the trash bags while we gathered the leaves inside them. Kyle also power washed the front porch, which it needed badly.

The only way we could keep Archer and from running in the street was to set him up in the pack n play in the front yard. Yall, he is just the best baby. He didn't cry at all and played for a couple hours that morning. Looking at books, playing with cars and airplanes and just talked to us as we worked. He genuinely enjoyed being out with us.

The main reason for power washing though was because I had big plans to paint our front door. I have not loved our brown door since we moved in. It wasn't welcoming and I don't feel like it represented what was inside very well. I had a lot of ideas for colors since we first moved in. First, I was thinking a plum purple color, then a red, and finally I settled on a blue. I did some pinning and some looking and some thinking and settled on this color from Walmart. It's Glidden brand (available at Walmart and Home Depot), called "Deep Blue Shadow" (30BB). We also decided to paint the trim around the outside windows white. It helped brighten it up and make the blue pop.

I also used my cricut to make a little "hello" sign out of white vinyl. I also made a new wreath out of some greenery and a grapevine wreath.

I love it so much. It's so very happy and charming and I am so so pleased with how it turned out.

We all went to bed tired, but happy after getting some good work done and soaking in some good sunshine for the day.

On Sunday we had church and then came home to rest before we went next door for the Super Bowl Party. I had ZERO interest in the game, but was pleased that two former Red Raiders were on the winning team. My favorite parts of the Super Bowl are always the food, the commercials, and the people :). I loved getting to hang out and have a fun friend night!

Overall, a great weekend! Looking forward to a good, full week.

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