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My Favorite TV Shows

Like my books, I'm pretty loyal to the friends I make in TV shows. That's the main thing I need in a good show... likable characters. I tend to lean towards dramas, with a little bit of romance and funny. All of these favorites are in syndication and no longer producing new shows. I have some favorites that are still going (DWTS, Suits, etc...). But these are the classics for me.

1. Gilmore Girls

Shocker, I know. No doubt, hands down, my favorite. It has the feel good, the funny, the romance, the pop culture, and the quirky. I have rewatched it more times than I can count. This show is my comfort food. After a bad day, you can typically find me with a cup of tea watching Gilmore.

2. JAG

Ha. This one might surprise some people, but I LOVED JAG!!! I couldn't wait for Tuesday nights to watch a new show, see what case would be solved and see if Harm and Mac would finally get together.

3. Dr. Quinn

"It's all right! I'm a doctor!" Dr. Quinn, Sully, Brian, Colleen, Loren, Hank, Jake, Clouddancing... Some of my family's favorite characters to watch growing up. We used to watch it as a family.

4. The West Wing

Aaron Sorkin figured out a successful formula for fast, moving dialogue and characters you can latch on to. And yeah, there's politics, but my favorite parts are the characters and their interactions. I literally stood up and clapped in my own living room during one episode. I'm fairly entertaining when it comes to my favorite shows.

5. Friday Night Lights


Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

People who aren't from West Texas ask Kyle and I how realistic this show is. We think it's about 80% accurate and 20% dramatized for TV. So, pretty accurate.

6. Veronica Mars

AH! VMARS!! The show that we were robbed from with being cancelled after 3 seasons, and then the one that brought us so much joy with the revival thanks to a Kickstarter campaign from the cast and creator. So fun to watch and be a part of. I heart Kristen Bell.

7. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Another great show we watched as a family growing up!

8. Saved By The Bell

Uh huh. You know you loved it too. I wanted to be Kelly Kapowsky when I grew up to high school. After school, you could easily catch my siblings and I watching SBTB or Full House.

9. Full House (Fuller House)

Classic. Happy. Wholesome. I still love it and I love the Fuller House remake.

10. Friends

Did you think I forgot about it? Yeah right. This is the only show that Kyle and I equally like. We laugh so much with our friends. My favorite times of watching have been during each of my  pregnancies (wishing I looked like Rachel when she was pregnant).

Which ones did I miss? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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