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One Quick Trick For a Happier and Healthy Marriage

From the very beginning in our marriage there is one thing that Kyle and I agreed upon that has helped us tremendously through the years. We have avoided arguments and worked together as a team through many different seasons in life. This one thing has helped us honor each other and help us think of the other and put the other above ourselves. 

We decided not to keep score. 

for anything. 

We don't keep score for who got up the most with the baby(ies).

We don't keep score for who was away the most during the week.

We don't keep score for who had a friend night the latest.

We don't keep score of who won the last argument.

We don't keep score of which points won arguments.

We don't keep score of who last changed out the laundry.

We don't keep score of who last let the dog out or took her for a walk.

We don't keep score. 

The reason this is important is because when you keep score, you are thinking of yourself first. It's making sure that you get what is fair or what is owed to you. Marriage is about thinking of the other person first, it's about being a team and we all know there is no "I" in "team" ;). A team doesn't work if everyone is only looking out for themselves. But when you are each looking out for the needs of each other, you both end up giving, but you also both end up receiving.  

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