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Weekend Recap: Wingstop Valentines Edition

While LK was at the farm this weekend with my parents checking on the new calves, picking flowers, and singing in the pastures, I was home with the boys doing this....

It's the first time our girl has been gone for more than one night like this and Kyle and I both said how weird it was without her around this weekend! She had a great time but we sure missed our girl!

On Saturday, I had been HIGHLY ANTICIPATING our Valentine's date night! Kyle had agreed to drive an hour and 14 minutes to our nearest Wingstop for our date. I know, super fancy right? ;) . It's my favorite restaurant and it was nice to have that much car time to talk and visit too. It's so relaxing to me to get drive at night like that (without loud little people in the back seat). 

I splurged from my diet to eat this yummy goodness, and it was so worth it! (Also, thankfully it didn't cause me to gain any weight. I didn't lose any more, but I maintained so I'm ok with that!) I've lost a total of 6 pounds! Only 20 more to reach my goal. You can be sure it won't include much of this! 

We served in Children's Ministry today and loved it so much. We recently switched classrooms around and are now serving in Archer's class. It is the sweetest little class with 1 and 2 year olds. We have learned the way to their hearts is happy praise music, bubbles, and colors ;). 

LK got back in the afternoon and helped me grocery shop and unload the dishwasher. We read Harry before her bed and then I got organized for a busy week! Looking forward to a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow. Happy Monday!

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