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BFBN Week {Discipline}:How To Discipline Without Spanking

This is the week for the Babywise friendly blog network where we all pick one topic to write about and share it every day during the week. This week's topic is "Discipline". I think this is an important one because as a parent, it is a big part of our job! I have some thoughts that I'm looking forward to sharing with you on Thursday, but until we get there, I hope you'll glean some tips from my friends in the Babywise network.

Today, Valerie from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom is kicking off the week by sharing how they discipline without spanking. I really enjoyed this post from her because I think her tips actually work well whether you spank or not - especially because of her thoughts on consistency. Enjoy her post and check back every day this week for more on the topic of discipline!

I am not afraid to say that my children are very well behaved. Oh sure, they make mistakes. They do things they shouldn't. Most of the time, however, they are very respectful and very obedient. They behave well at home, school, church, and wherever else they go.

And we don't spank. 

Not at all. 

Neither my husband nor I grew up with parents who spanked, so it isn't something that comes to us naturally. One day when Brayden was a young toddler, he did something he shouldn't and I though I would try spanking. He immediately slapped me back. I kind of laughed and said, "Let's not hit each other again." 

My husband and I talked about spanking for the first time that evening. We decided to keep spanking out of our parenting toolbox. I would describe myself as neutral when it comes to spanking. I don't find it necessary and so we don't do it. I am not one to go around declaring there is one right way to parent, either, so if spanking is your thing, this post isn't for you (although this post will provide a lot of helpful discipline advice...so I guess it is for you anyway). If you want to discipline without spanking, though, please read on. (click here to read more).

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