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Dear Shepherd (Six Years)

Dear Shepherd,

STOP IT. How are you six years old already??? You are so handsome, Shepherd. I love watching God grow you up to be the young man he is making you to be. You are so special to me and I feel so blessed to get to be your Mommy. I love how your brain is growing right now. You are learning new thing every day: reading, numbers, facts, ideas... it's constant and I love it.

I think my favorite thing is how much passion I see in you. You have a fire in you to campaign for the truth and for things to be the best way they can be. You fight for the things you believe in and the things that you feel are right and true. I hope this is something that you never lose, this passion. And I pray it's something the Lord would use for His Kingdom purposes as he continues to woo you to Him and His heart.

My prayer for you this year is that you would truly learn what it means to delight yourself in the Lord and for HIM to give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

At six years old:

- You have KILLED IT in Kindergarten. Rarely seen a grade lower than 100, and are every day learning to read more and more.

- You are an excellent night sleeper (when your brother doesn't wake you up early)

- You still hate to wear clothes

- You weigh about 42lbs, wear size 6 clothes and size 13 shoes

- You have loved playing tball this year and started learning how to play coach pitch baseball. Your daddy and I see a lot of talent blooming in you

- Most of the time, you see your sister as your biggest ally. I see you looking up to her and wanting to be like her. The trouble the two of you get into right now is about enough to drive me mad.

- Fischer is the one you are sharpening your arguing skills with right now. You love him and you get very frustrated with him.

- Archer is your little buddy and you love to teach him new things and to play with him

- Your daddy is still the moon in your sky! Wherever he is is where you want to be and whatever he is doing is what you want to be doing.

- This year was an "off" year for your birthday. We had a family party with foosackly's chicken, and a homemade cake!

You are a JOY Shepherd and you make my days so much brighter!


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  1. Oh, what a sweet young man Shepherd is becoming! Happy Birthday!!!