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Weekend Recap: ATL Edition

Another Tuesday recap because we just got back last night from a weekend trip to the Atlanta area! We kicked off Summer with a visit to Joel and Ashley's new house. We had a blast!

On Friday, right after LK and Shep finished up their last day of school, we hit the road! Yall know I love a good road trip. Kids are strapped in and can't go anywhere no matter how much whining or fit throwing. They're stuck. Perfect time for a good book and drink and to kick back and relax!

I do have to note a couple things about the drive though:

1. Further solidifies that our kids travel best in the morning. The afternoon/evening is so NOT the best time for them in the car. Lots and lots of whining.

2. They have become such backseat drivers!! Shepherd is the worst. Everything Siri said he would comment on or ask "why are you turning there?" "Is this the right way?" . Every. Thing. got a comment.

We arrived late that night and pretty much went straight to bed because we were so tired! The next morning I got to snuggle my nephews and of course take some koala bear selfies :).

That morning Kyle and Joel took the big kids to Home Depot for a building project. They didn't end up staying to work on the project because it was crazy busy and tons of people. 

When they got back home we loaded up and headed into the city. We ate lunch at the famous Varsity Drive-in and had a blast. The Food was delicious and the kids loved the hats! 

Its the same area of town where the 1996 Olympics were held and I took a picture of the Olympic torch. Which is pretty sad now since the area around it is now just a parking lot. *sigh*

After lunch, we went to a few stores that we don't have in Mobile like REI and of course Trader Joes. At TJ's we got stuff to have a picnic because we were headed to Stone Mountain! 

We got there a few hours before the laser show so we could eat and still get a good spot for the show. I remember going a few times as a kid and have such fun memories from it! One thing that has not changed is the waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be dark and time for the show. It does not get easier as an adult, especially trying to entertain kids who are up two hours past their bedtime. To kill time, we went to the playground there at the park which is actually an amazing playground. The kids had a blast, ran out a lot of energy and we ate our picnic dinner. 

This is the only pic I got of the mountain because I got desperate and turned on Mickey for Archer which drained my phone battery. 

The laser show was fun and I was thankful for the memories with the kids, but I have to say that it is definitely more impressive as a kid than going as an adult. The kids were pretty impressed though! LK said "I mean, I think it was awesome! I feel like so many doors in my brain have been opened tonight!!"

On Sunday morning, we were able to visit Crossroads church where Joel is the Groups pastor. We were so thankful to be there! As a visitor gift, they gave us a coffee mug. And I have to say, I'm not normally the biggest fan of church coffee mugs, but I love this one! 

After church, we came back to the house for lunch and naps and then Kyle busted out Texas Bingo with the kids. This was so fun! This was something Kyle played with his family growing up and he was so excited to share it with the kids. He even went to the dollar tree and purchased prizes for the winners! So fun! 

Sunday night, we went and ate at a local pizza place, which was delicious. After we got the kids in bed, we hung out for a little while and played Ticket To Ride. (Which I won). 

We decided to leave yesterday morning in hopes of happier travelers. We didn't leave super early (our ideal time), but it was a little bit better as far as attitudes. What wasn't great? The tire blowout we had. Kyle Wiley sure is amazing. Our car didn't swerve at all and he carefully steered us off to the side. He changed to the spare and then drove us to the neared town where we were able to get a new tire. So thankful for the Lord's care for us!

Our kids handled all of this like champs. Truly, they had the best attitudes while we waited (not very long!) for the new tire. We walked around the corner and saw a river. Also, they were cheering on our Red Raiders with their guns up. So sad they ended up losing today to Sam Houston and knocking them out of the regional tournament today. 

We made it home safely and are ready for a new week! 

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  1. You all were in our neck of the woods this weekend, Carrie! We live in Kennesaw, just north of Atlanta. I, too, have many great memories of the laser show at Stone Mountain. Seems like you all were so busy, but had a blast!