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Weekend Recap: Kyle's 34th Birthday!

This weekend started off a little bit abnormal because I had to have oral surgery on Thursday. So dumb. In case you didn't know this about me, I HATE going to the dentist. Like, it easily makes me list of things I'd rather do laundry all day than do (and that list is very very short). But I had a stupid cavity molar that's root was wrapped around the wisdom tooth and there were some nerves involved so it required full-on surgery. Like I had general anesthesia. So on Thursday and Friday I took it pretty easy and pretty much stayed in bed most of the day. Friday I was starting to feel better, just sore.

This guy has been so snuggly and clingy lately. Mostly to his daddy, but in the middle of the night, I'm his girl ;). I think having Mommy out of commission for a couple days made him want/need to snuggle even more. 

Look what came on Friday!! My renewed Passport! I was actually just praying about my passport Friday morning asking the Lord to get it here soon. I cut it really close with the dates and not expediting it, but didn't want to have to  pay the extra if I didn't need it so I took the risk. Thankful now that I did! Getting so excited about my Thailand trip

Friday night, for Family Night, we watched Trolls! We are all pretty excited that it's on Netflix now. I had planned ahead and bought frozen pizza since I knew I probably wouldn't feel up for making Pizza this week and I'm so glad I did. Our kids love Party Pizzas! (I had tomato soup womp womp...) 

Glad I was feeling good enough to hang out with the fam for a little bit :). 

On Saturday, I continued to take it easy and also muster my energy for Kyle's Birthday Date! (He said it's an "off" year for him so we just did something the two of us. That's funny because we havn't really applied the Birthday plan to our birthdays before now, but I guess we're going to start, ha!) I had planned for dinner and a sitter weeks before my surgery was scheduled so I really wanted to still be able to go!

Kyle said he really wanted Dreamland again this year, which is awesome because we realized it has been a whole year since we were there last and it is his favorite! While he had some awesome BBQ and Wings, I stuck to mac n cheese, french fries, and okra. It was delicious all the way around, and I'm so glad I was feeling up to it! Not gonna let stupid teeth get in my way!

On Sunday morning, I got up to make the birthday boy some biscuits and gravy! Kyle normally handles breakfast in the mornings so it's a treat for him when I do it for him (which I'm not gonna lie, it's rare. Morning sleep is my favorite sleep)

I took this picture on our way out to the car for church because they look like a boy band.  

This little stinker is cracking me up lately. He's becoming very opinionated and particular about some things. Like his backpack. This morning, Kyle and I were teaching his class so I was just going to throw a diaper in my purse, not wanting to take the whole backpack. He was not thrilled with that idea and went and got his sippy cup from the kitchen put it in his backpack and put it on his back saying "ARCHER's pack-pack! ARCHER's pack-pack!". Needless to say, I just let him bring it. 

Last night, for Kyle's family birthday dinner he wanted to grill burgers. I was even able to slowly eat one which is awesome because few things in this world taste better than a Kyle burger.

This guy was so excited to celebrate his Daddy's birthday. He made sure his daddy had many cards and presents and surprises. It was so important to him that his daddy was CELEBRATED. Love him so much!

And of course we ended the celebration with Kyle's Favorite Lemonade Pie. (Check back Friday for the recipe :).

I rounded out the weekend working a little bit on some TROPICAL vacation quotes for some friends planning their 10th Anniversary trip later this Summer. So fun and makes me miss Jamaica from our 10 year trip last year

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