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How To Correct Your PreTeen

This week, my friends in the Babywise Friendly Blog Network are addressing topics in the "-Wise" series that are not sleep or scheduling related. I love this idea because there is so much great stuff in the books other than just sleep and schedule-relating topics.

Valerie is kicking things off addressing a topic in "Pre-teen wise" about "How To Correct Your Pre-teen".  Read her article below and check back throughout the week to see everyone's posts!

As soon as your child enters the age for a preteen, the way you correct or discipline that child starts to shift a bit. You both can feel things changing, but neither of you are quite sure how that should be, much less how it will be. A child in the middle years age-range certainly knows a lot more about how to behave than a two year old. Just because your preteen knows more than she did when she was younger does not mean she knows everything. She will still do things she shouldn't and will still need to be corrected. A middle-years child very much still needs to be taught, encouraged, and disciplined to learn how to grow into a wise, moral, and responsible person.

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