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How To Teach Your Children Self Control

Emily is finishing up our BFBN week with more great tips for Self Control!

We live in a "give me what I want and give it to me NOW" sort of culture. We expect instant results. Instant gratification. We don't want to wait for anything and feel entitled to everything our hearts desire. 

I don't know about you, but one of my goals as a parent is to raise children who are the polar opposite of this current cultural trend. I want my children to be patient. To work hard for what they want in life. To respect others and themselves. 

Self-control is a crucial skill. It is not something we are born with the ability to do. We have to work at it and it takes a conscious effort, even as an adult. Self-control is actually something I'm personally striving to do better with in my own life. Having the self-control to say "no" to that snack I'm craving. The self-control to put down the phone and stop scrolling. The self-control to set aside the time each day to study God's Word. So many of our personal goals relate back to the ability to have self-control in a given situation. Why not train our children from an early age to have this important personal skill? 

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