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Friday Favorites: Back To School Week

It's been a really great week around here getting back in the swing of things with back to school! It has really been different only have Archer home all week. I both love it and get kind of sad missing the other three. I know we will adjust quickly though, and we've got a good three years of this before he starts Kinder so I imagine we'll find a good groove! 

My friend Emily guest-posted for me yesterday about this very thing! 

One of the things I spent some time thinking through and planning out it what our after school time would look like. We are cutting waaaaay back on screen time now that school has started and I didn't want the kids in the habit of turning the TV on right when they walked in the door. And there's also the issue of when to do homework. So I made a plan of whenever we get home, we all sit down at the table and have a snack and share about our days. Then, we can work on homework or if they don't have homework they can color or draw. So I made a little "homework station" using a sugar mold. I found the mold at a Vintage Market here and have just been using it has decoration (I had red berry stems in it before). This plan has worked really well this week! The kids love the homework station and it has actually been a really sweet time to have my little people around the table sharing about their days! 

This cute sugar mold is my favorite and you can get your own here:

For my birthday, Kyle got me what I have been wanting since before they even released this past Spring, and that's the She Reads Truth Study Bible. It. Is. Gorgeous. I love everything about it. The handlettered art, the study portions, the format, the smell (of course I smell it....nothing smells better than a new Bible smell...nothing) all of it. It's my favorite for sure and you should get one too. 

 One of LK's birthday presents this year was the Mix and Match Mama's newest cookbook, Kids In The Kitchen. I finally got around to checking it out and Laura Kate and I made a recipe this week and it was so fun! We made Pizza Boats. They were so easy, set up perfectly for LK to help me and they tasted delicious! Looking forward to trying even more yummy recipes soon because it's for sure a new favorite

Ok, so if you know me, you know when it comes to natural products, I'm pretty mainstream. It has to make sense for our family financially, or it has to be sure cute or pretty or delicious, and to be plain honest, I'm just not super convicted about chemicals and whatnot. (I'm one of those people that reminds you that water is a chemical too.... you're welcome). That being said, I fell in love with a natural deodorant. I love the smell of lavender and Kyle had actually bought this for himself and didn't end up liking it. So naturally, I tried it. And it actually has worked great and I smell amazing! AND we're talking about Southern Alabama humidity. There are several scents, but the lavender + sage is by far my favorite!! 

I made Curry tonight for our date night in, because of course it's our favorite. Kyle had almost inhaled his entire bowl before he even made it to his chair to sit down it. It was so delicious! You can make it too with this recipe >>>>>> Thai Masaman Curry

You can actually order the Masamn Curry Paste online so you don't have to worry about finding it in the store! This little tub will last you through probably 4 of the above recipes!

And, in case you missed it, Part 1 of my Thailand Trip was posted on Tuesday. You can read all about the creepy biker dude who called me "babe" during my 14 hour flight! >>>> Thailand 2017 Part 1
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